Saturday, November 1, 2008

Nine Reasons To Vote For Bill Sali

The Anti-Sali Socialists might have their 30 Reasons that people are saying "No" to Bill Sali, and Pro-Sali Patriot Adam Graham might have his Ton Ten Reasons not to elect Wacky Walter Mitty, but no one has put out any reasons to vote for Bill Sali. Because I'm Bill Sali's biggest fan, I figure it's up to me:

1) Bill Sali will continue to Stand Up To Pelosi. While it's likely that Republicans will take Congress back (according to this expert analysis) and Bill Sali will be elected as the new House Majority Whip, there's a chance that Democrats will keep the House majority, and as we've seen, only Bill Sali can effectively Stand Up to Pelosi. Remember all the things that Patriots said would happen if Pelosi became Speaker? How we'd surrender in Iraq and there'd be abortions in the House chamber and we'd all have to become Muslims? Notice how those things haven't happened yet? It's only because Bill Sali has been there to oppose her Socialist plans!

2) Bill Sali is loyal. Alone among Idaho leaders, he stood by Sen. Larry Craig in Craig's hour of greatest need. Even though Bill Sali is a narrow-stance adherant, he led the way for stance acceptance in fighting for Sen. Craig to keep his Senate seat despite media lies that Craig said he would "resign". Bill Sali knew that Pelosi would appoint some Socialist to replace Craig in the Senate, and he wouldn't stand for that!

3) Bill Sali understands the Constitution. Bill Sali has taken the lead in fighting to ensure that the Constitution should be understood as intended by the Founding Fathers when it was first adopted. All those hippy amendments that have done things like cut jobs by eliminating "involuntary servitude" and brought in liberal voters like young people and people who aren't men weren't really envisioned by the Founding Fathers, so Bill Sali will continue to take the lead in ensuring they are rightfully ignored.

4) Bill Sali fights for Religious Freedom for all Christians. Doesn't it chap your shorts when you see people who clearly aren't Christians acting like they should have a voice in this nation that was founded on Christianity? Bill Sali has stood up against Hindus and Muslims in the Capitol Building; he'll continue to fight against all those who deny Christ's divinity having any say in American politics!

5) Bill Sali Stands Up to Government. Whether it's making the ATF give up their Leathermen or stopping the Mexicans from putting a consulate in Boise, Bill Sali has shown he's supper-effective in stopping the government from taking away our freedoms!

6) Bill Sali Saves Us Money. Bill Sali votes against new taxes and new spending. I didn't actually check to see how many of these bills he single-handedly defeated, but I bet it's a bunch, 'cause my taxes haven't gone up after two years of Democrat control of Congress. The only extra taxes I've been paying have been in sales tax, but that's only because Bill Sali wasn't here to stop that; I'm pretty sure it was passed after he left the legislature at the end of 2006.

7) Bill Sali is a Uniter. He brings people from all across the political spectrum together in a common cause.

8) Bill Sali Votes the way Idahoans want him to vote. Whether it's not giving in to people whining about being "tortured" or not giving in to special interests like "Idaho school districts", Bill Sali casts the principled votes that are always instrumental in ensuring those bills go down in flames.

9) Bill Sali is the Hero of the Owyhees. Along with his crack staff, Bill Sali has protected Western Idaho from Socialist takeover. Like the famous mountain range that overlooks his hometown of Kuna ("Last of the Old West"), Bill Sali stands like a sentinel against United Nations invasions or people who want you to pay more in property taxes for schools. Wacky Walter Mitty wouldn't do that. Please, if you believe that we need to return to the simpler days when people didn't have to worry about "computers" messing stuff up and there weren't so many rules to trip up regular people, vote for Bill Sali.


Anonymous said...

Oh yes indeed. Bill Sali did vote for the sales tax increase in the 2006 extrordinary session. But that was only because the reduction is school Maintenance and operations levy gave a big property tax decrease to corporations and out of state landowners.

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding me! this is a joke right? "Bill Sali Fan" your lost and mis lead.