Thursday, November 30, 2006

Bill Sali Gives An Interview

Normally I don't read the Idaho Statesman, because it's filled with so much liberal hogwash. Today, though, I went to their website to see if they had a weather forecast, and I saw an article that made me both happy and nervous. Apparently Congressman Sali gave them an interview, and they'll be printing it tomorrow.
While I'm a little worried that they'll try to twist his words to make him sound foolish, I know I should have faith that Bill is smart enough to out-smart them if they try. So, I'll actually buy a copy of the Statesman tomorrow to see what he has to say.
Here's what the article on their web site says:

Idaho’s newest congressman, Republican Rep.-elect Bill Sali, says he has a lot to learn about the way Congress works, but says he'll stick to his conservative principles.
In an interview with the Idaho Statesman, Sali says he'll consider himself a successful U.S. House member "if I can continue to get up and look in the mirror and like the guy I see in the mirror."
Sali ran on a slate of conservative values and by telling Idahoans that a vote for a his Democratic opponent was a vote to put Democrats — and San Francisco liberal Nancy Pelosi — in power. Democrats won both houses of Congress, and Pelosi will be House speaker.
Sali has few hopes that he can find much common ground with the Democrats, but says his “political sadism” could help him make a difference on Medicaid and other complex issues many lawmakers shy away from.

I think that "political sadism" will serve him well in standing up to Pelosi.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Broncos Going To BCS

Now that the BSU Broncos have completed their regular season in which no one even came close to them, it's time for people to stop being happy that we're going to get invited to a BCS bowl. The truth is, unless Boise St. gets its spot in the national title game against the only other undefeated team (Ohio State, who barely won their last game), it's just more proof that the liberal voters on the coast aren't ready to give a conservative state like Idaho the respect they deserve.

They say that BSU is going to the Fiesta Bowl against the winner of the Nebraska-Oklahoma game. Boise State will easily beat any of those teams, so they don't even need to play the game. Everyone knows how the Broncos beat Oregon State. Well, Oregon completed demolished Oklahoma, and Oregon got their butts kicked by Oregon State. And Oregon St. also beat USC really bad, and USC beat Nebraska. That's the kind of proof that the bowl people don't look at.

If Boise State doesn't get into the title game against Ohio State, I think that Congress needs to investigate what's going on.

Monday, November 20, 2006

BSU in the title game

I don't know why all these east and west coast sports people are talking about Ohio State playing USC, Michigan, or Florida in teh championship game. Since there are only two undefeated teams left, it's obvious that Ohio State should play Boise State. While all the gambling people might say Ohio State would be favored, I think Boise State would win by one or two touchdowns. Those Buck Eyes wouldn't have seen anyone like Ian Johnson before, and they wouldn't know what hit them!

Bill Sali -- Class President!

All those naysayers who thought Congressman-elect Sali couldn't get elected to anything outside of Idaho were proven wrong today. Because of the leadership he's shown in standing up to Ms. Pelosi, he was honored by being elected President of his class! I don't know how many new Republicans there are in Congress this year, but it's probably dozens. Ms. Pelosi's in for a surprise when the vote for Speaker of the House comes up -- Bill Sali's not going to roll over and vote for her like "Liberal Larry" Grant would of!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Picture Test

I'm going to see if I can figure out how to do pictures.

Doesn't he just look like a Congressman should?

Bill Sali Alone In Standing Up To Pelosi

There's this liberal Internet rag called "New West Boise" that is trying to spin Congressman-elect Sali's latest challenge to Ms. Pelosi's plan to destroy the country.

New beginnings have their awkward moments, and this week's congressional leadership elections are no exception. But the sight of Speaker-elect Pelosi clasping hands in victory with her rival, Majority Leader-elect Hoyer, was not the only gawky episode Thursday. Earlier that day, freshman Rep.-elect Bill Sali, R-Idaho, showed up a day early and in the wrong place -- the Democratic Caucus meeting. Sali, a goateed, conservative state legislator whose reputation for political combat preceded him to Washington, said he was following the schedule provided to him by the House Administration Committee, and so headed to room 345 in the Cannon House Office Building after attending a prayer breakfast. "They'd been very good until then," Sali said of the committee. The committee couldn't confirm the mix-up. A spokesman for the Democratic Caucus said Sali didn't gain access to the room but was treated cordially. "What's the word ... he was pleasantly redirected,"said a Caucus spokesperson. It must have been in a general direction. "I asked the Democrats where the Republicans were meeting, and they didn't know," Sali said.

I seriously doubt that's the way it really happened. My guess is that Sali went there to Stand Up for Conservative Principles, and let Pelosi know that he was going to oppose her. Of course, the liberals have to try to spin this to make it look like Congressman-elect Sali is some sort of not smart person. They're going to be surprised when Bill Sali single-handedly blocks Pelosi's anti-American and anti-God schemes!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

BSU Beat San Jose St. Just Like Sali Will Beat Pelosi

As I was reading the stories of Boise St. putting the smackdown on San Jose St. this weekend, I realized that San Jose, like Congressperson Pelosi, is from the San Francisco Bay area. Just like the Broncos demolished the Spartans, Congressman Sali is going to single-handedly destroy Pelosi's plans for the socialization of America. He's already in D.C., and I know that Pelosi is running scared.

And why is it that the liberal coastal media aren't giving Boise State a chance to make the national championship game? They're talking about Rutgers possibly making it into the title game, but no one mentions BSU. The way Boise St. demolished Oregon St., who then beat up on USC, the Broncos would be a 30 point favorite over USC. We could easily beat Ohio State if we got a chance.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

A New Era In Idaho Politics

I'm so excited about the election results this Tuesday in Idaho. While lots of my co-workers were talking about how they were going to vote against Bill Sali for Congress, I knew the God-fearing people of Idaho would elect Bill Sali. The reason they would was that he would be the only person to stand up against Nancy Pelosi and the San Francisco liberals. Bill said he'd do exactly that when he won the race, so I created this "blog" to show all those liberals out there that he's a man of his word! I bet Nancy Pelosi is just quivering in her girdle knowing that Bill Sali is coming to town!