Tuesday, November 14, 2006

BSU Beat San Jose St. Just Like Sali Will Beat Pelosi

As I was reading the stories of Boise St. putting the smackdown on San Jose St. this weekend, I realized that San Jose, like Congressperson Pelosi, is from the San Francisco Bay area. Just like the Broncos demolished the Spartans, Congressman Sali is going to single-handedly destroy Pelosi's plans for the socialization of America. He's already in D.C., and I know that Pelosi is running scared.

And why is it that the liberal coastal media aren't giving Boise State a chance to make the national championship game? They're talking about Rutgers possibly making it into the title game, but no one mentions BSU. The way Boise St. demolished Oregon St., who then beat up on USC, the Broncos would be a 30 point favorite over USC. We could easily beat Ohio State if we got a chance.


Julie in Boise said...

Hey BSF,

Don't you think it's significant that Boise State plays on BLUE turf?

And besides, Boise is now an all-blue city, represented by nothing but Democrats in the Idaho Legislature. So don't go claiming any ties between your sad-sack congressman and our BCS-bound Broncos, you hear?!

If the GOP hadn't divided Boise's congressional votes in half, Bill Sali wouldn't be anywhere near DC now.

BoiseNick said...


Bill Sali Fan said...

You should know that the only reason the liberal media chose to say the Republicans were red and the Democrats blue was because if they did it the other way around, everyone would remember that Democrats are like Red commies.