Monday, November 20, 2006

Bill Sali -- Class President!

All those naysayers who thought Congressman-elect Sali couldn't get elected to anything outside of Idaho were proven wrong today. Because of the leadership he's shown in standing up to Ms. Pelosi, he was honored by being elected President of his class! I don't know how many new Republicans there are in Congress this year, but it's probably dozens. Ms. Pelosi's in for a surprise when the vote for Speaker of the House comes up -- Bill Sali's not going to roll over and vote for her like "Liberal Larry" Grant would of!


thanksforthelaughs said...

I only hope that this cute little appointment - leader of the minority frosh class - will only give him more opportunities to speak his tiny, dimwitted mind. It'll give us something to laugh about on the days that the Shrub doesn't make up a new word!

Skeptic said...

Oh goody! Some of us even hope he gets to be on Face the Nation and Meet the Press every week as a spokesman for the Republicans in Congress. That'll help us elect more Democrats nationally - if not here in Idaho - come 2008.

Heck, there's even talk of a Sali-Keyes presidential ticket. Imagine that!