Sunday, November 19, 2006

Bill Sali Alone In Standing Up To Pelosi

There's this liberal Internet rag called "New West Boise" that is trying to spin Congressman-elect Sali's latest challenge to Ms. Pelosi's plan to destroy the country.

New beginnings have their awkward moments, and this week's congressional leadership elections are no exception. But the sight of Speaker-elect Pelosi clasping hands in victory with her rival, Majority Leader-elect Hoyer, was not the only gawky episode Thursday. Earlier that day, freshman Rep.-elect Bill Sali, R-Idaho, showed up a day early and in the wrong place -- the Democratic Caucus meeting. Sali, a goateed, conservative state legislator whose reputation for political combat preceded him to Washington, said he was following the schedule provided to him by the House Administration Committee, and so headed to room 345 in the Cannon House Office Building after attending a prayer breakfast. "They'd been very good until then," Sali said of the committee. The committee couldn't confirm the mix-up. A spokesman for the Democratic Caucus said Sali didn't gain access to the room but was treated cordially. "What's the word ... he was pleasantly redirected,"said a Caucus spokesperson. It must have been in a general direction. "I asked the Democrats where the Republicans were meeting, and they didn't know," Sali said.

I seriously doubt that's the way it really happened. My guess is that Sali went there to Stand Up for Conservative Principles, and let Pelosi know that he was going to oppose her. Of course, the liberals have to try to spin this to make it look like Congressman-elect Sali is some sort of not smart person. They're going to be surprised when Bill Sali single-handedly blocks Pelosi's anti-American and anti-God schemes!


BoiseNick said...

HA Ha Ha Ha HAA ! That's funny. I can't WAIT to put something stupid he says on one of my 2'x2' truck signs. Silly Sali will be SO much fun to lampoon with just his OWN words. I'm kinda glad he won because his ignorance combined with Larry Craig's gayness becoming common knowledge will put BOTH seats in Democratic hands as we win the Presidency in 08.
BTW, why are republicans so petty that you-all cannot call us by our legal, proper name? bush does it EVERY time he talks about us. This is why we Dems know that calls for bi-partisanship by republicans are More phoney talk. Millions of us are members of the Democratic Party. NOT the Democrat Party. But repubs don't want to associate Dems as democratic in addition to want call us Rats. What small, partisan minds you have...
But that's why you-all lost, Right? Americans are much smarter and moral than karl rove.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe that you honestly believe this tripe!