Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Lies! All Lies! Bill Sali Will Win!

The Idaho Socialist Statesman has a socialistic article today claiming that an "independent poll" shows Wacky Walter Mitty ahead of Congressman Bill Sali by 51-45. I'm guessing they just found 96 people at a welfare office and asked them, since all Patriotic Idahoans are going to vote for Bill Sali. As proof that this is a lie, consider that the House Republican campaign committee cancelled planned advertising for Congressman Sali; they wouldn't do that if he was behind, would they?

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Bill Sali Answers To A Higher Power!

Anti-Sali Socialists are always complaining about Bill Sali, Hero of the Owyhees, just because he doesn't like the Socialist nanny-state telling him how he should live. They complain when he chooses not to meet Socialistic, non-Biblical deadlines for filing his campaign finance reports, they say his statements don't have actual "facts", and say he's "not following the rules" in identifying himself on commercials.

Does any Patriotic Idahoan actually expect someone to know about all these rules? Someone would have to be a lawyer to actually understand all this! Everyone knows Congressman Bill Sali is too busy protecting us from Mexican consulates and ATF pocketknives and protecting Congress from Hindus to learn about all this unimportant stuff. Do you really think a Congressman should have to know anything about laws? Of course not! We Patriotic Idahoans want some who only recognizes the Constitution (except for all of those hippie Amendments after the 2nd) and the Bible as a source of law. Bill Sali is such a man!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Bill Sali Starts New Dance Craze!

Bill Sali has a new commercial out, and it's a winner!

Bill Sali is clearly going to win this race against "Wacky" Walter Mitty, so he doesn't really need to run commercials to get votes; he's just using his campaign money to provide entertainment to Idahoans. Since he's such a great musician, he knows that Idahoans love music and non-Satanic dancing, so he has the guy in this commercial doing Bill Sali's favorite dance moves.

Of course, since it's pretending to be a campaign commercial, he has to include some facts. That's why he says that "Minnick's Tax Ideas: Cost Idaho Families $2200", and lists the source as "Idaho Statesman, 6/23/03". Just think about what that means; back over 4 years before Wacky Walt started running for Congress, even the Idaho Socialist Statesman was warning about Mitty's tax proposals! I'm sure Bill Sali could have come up with something less than 5 years old if he really wanted to, but he was too busy keeping the Mexican Consulate from being opened in Boise.