Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Bill Sali Answers To A Higher Power!

Anti-Sali Socialists are always complaining about Bill Sali, Hero of the Owyhees, just because he doesn't like the Socialist nanny-state telling him how he should live. They complain when he chooses not to meet Socialistic, non-Biblical deadlines for filing his campaign finance reports, they say his statements don't have actual "facts", and say he's "not following the rules" in identifying himself on commercials.

Does any Patriotic Idahoan actually expect someone to know about all these rules? Someone would have to be a lawyer to actually understand all this! Everyone knows Congressman Bill Sali is too busy protecting us from Mexican consulates and ATF pocketknives and protecting Congress from Hindus to learn about all this unimportant stuff. Do you really think a Congressman should have to know anything about laws? Of course not! We Patriotic Idahoans want some who only recognizes the Constitution (except for all of those hippie Amendments after the 2nd) and the Bible as a source of law. Bill Sali is such a man!

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