Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Lies! All Lies! Bill Sali Will Win!

The Idaho Socialist Statesman has a socialistic article today claiming that an "independent poll" shows Wacky Walter Mitty ahead of Congressman Bill Sali by 51-45. I'm guessing they just found 96 people at a welfare office and asked them, since all Patriotic Idahoans are going to vote for Bill Sali. As proof that this is a lie, consider that the House Republican campaign committee cancelled planned advertising for Congressman Sali; they wouldn't do that if he was behind, would they?


akovia said...

Bill, please spare yourself this ongoing embarrassment. STOP SELF POSTING AS "BILL SALI FAN".

akovia said...
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ReggieH said...

You be quiet, akovia! Bill Sali and Bill SaliFan are two different people and they are both super patriotic american superheroes who will save our country from the socialistic super-villians who are evil Democratics. They will crush The evil Pelosi(who, by the way, should be baking pies like a REAL american woman from REAL america) by using ineffective legislation and voting against everyone on everything in such a manner so as to render all of their votes on everything pointless.

Real people from REAL Idaho are Bill Sali Fans and everyone else are Latte-sipping, socialistic, elistist, egotistical, jihadist muslim, FAKE Idahoans.

If those stupid stupid Democrats weren't so ParTisan and DiVisive they would REaLize that!@!!#11!!

peppylady said...

I don't care for either candidate.

In this family we all work and you won't find us in welfare line unless we get anther eight years of the same.

Coffee is on.

Anonymous said...

Clearly, you are a moron.