Monday, December 31, 2007

A Great Year for Congressman Bill Sali

This certainly has been a splendiferous year for Congressman Bill Sali as he stands up to Pelosi! Even the Idaho Socialist Statesman had to admit how effective he's been at single-handedly stopping Speaker Pelosi's plan to socialize America with his incredible speaking ability and command of the official English language. Here's how Congressman Sali explains his core guiding belief:

"Here's what I was trying to say: that our country was founded on principles that the founding fathers derived largely from Scripture and among them, by the way, was religious freedom," he said. "Everybody who is involved in public policy brings a philosophy to the plate. And when you start bringing philosophy that runs counter to what the Founding Fathers employed ... in putting this country together, then that's not what the Founding Fathers envisioned."

Brilliant! No one could argue with his powerful logic!

I also got an E-mail directly from Congressman Sali's office with effusive praise from a powerful Republican leader, Rep. Roy Blount. Here's some of what the E-mail had to say about the Hero of the Owyhees:

"Congressman Sali successfully convinced the Bureau of Land Management to reverse a decision barring recreational shooting on public lands in southwestern Idaho. Sali also advocated on behalf of recreational users of Lake Cascade, drafted and introduced legislation to protect home and property owners from dangerous wildfires that burn on federally-administered lands and has drafted and introduced several pieces of legislation to change the way Congress does business."

Every non-socialist knows that if you don't have recreational shooters on public lands, only criminals will be shooting on public lands. Bill Sali is the only Congressman willing to stand up to the government bureaucrats in ensuring everyone can shoot darn near any direction they want here in SW Idaho, just like our Founding Fathers intended. You just don't see California Democrats in Congress caring about our district the way Bill Sali does.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Bill Sali Knows Best!

Congressman Bill Sali wrote a newspaper article of such stunning brilliance and erudite sipidity that the socialists at the Idaho Socialist Statesman had no choice but to publish it. Here's some of what he said.

"Not long ago, I voted against bills containing billions of dollars in wasteful spending. These were plainly hard votes. On one hand, the bills contained projects that I directly fought for and supported, including money for a detox center in Boise, for the nursing program at Northwest Nazarene University in Nampa, for improvements at Gritman Medical Center in Moscow and for improvements to U.S. 95. On the other hand, those good projects were craftily bundled with waste and bloated spending to achieve passage of those projects that would never pass if proposed separately.
"As a freshman congressman, I am proud to have successfully advocated for these Idaho projects. I'm also proud that the Idaho delegation secured $8 million in support of the 2009 Special Olympics World Winter Games, an exciting event and one Idaho is proud to host.
"I am a strong supporter of those games just like the majority of Idahoans and Americans. My very first bill that received the approval by the House was one recognizing Idaho's selection as host of the 2009 World Winter Games."

Congressman Bill Sali knows that government spending is always bad, unless it's being used to encourage morality. He also knows that it encourages morality to send money from socialist states like California and Wisconsin to a God-fearing state like Idaho. And despite the whining from anti-Sali Socialist "Wordsmith", Bill Sali knows that the Constitution doesn't mention anything about Congressional "resolutions", so therefore what he had passed was obviously a bill. "Wordsmith" was clearly one of those socialists whose parents didn't let her watch Saturday cartoons, so that explains why she doesn't know about how Congress works.

Later on Congressman Sali says:

"Those same bills that contained funding for my Idaho projects also contained wasteful and outlandish programs that Idahoans should not be forced to subsidize with their hard-earned money: $1 million in funding for the naming of a public policy center after former Sen. Tom Daschle, $400,000 for jazz at Lincoln Center in New York City, and enough money to give the bureaucrats at the U.S. Department of Education raises on top of the $95,300 the average bureaucrat there already earns. That's almost twice the salary of the average teacher in America.
"Idaho taxpayers would also have been stuck paying $335,000 for the historic preservation of a baseball field in Montana, $301,500 for the International Peace Garden in North Dakota and $100,00 for signage in Los Angeles' High Fashion District.
"There are no parades for those who vote against spending money in Congress. There are no celebrations when excessive spending is defeated. Nonetheless, I am convinced Americans still agree with Thomas Jefferson.
"They know it would have been wrong for me to take pride in any success for Idaho, knowing the costs that Jefferson would have "pruned" were part of the price tag. While it was politically hard for me to vote no, I knew it was the right thing to do."

Bill Sali always puts his principles ahead of political expediency, just like his patriotic Idaho constituents want him to do. We know that it's not how many votes you win; it's how much we make Speaker Pelosi know that we're going to Stand Up to her socialist plans. The thing that sets Congressman Bill Sali apart from most of his fellow members is the painstaking research he does. Nowhere else can you find the evidence that Bill Sali presents that the average Department of Education employee is a GS-14 or higher. It's his way of coming up with facts like that, that makes all Patriotic Idahoans proud that Bill Sali is our Congressman.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Congressman Bill Sali is Smart, and so are his Supporters

Congressman Bill Sali was recently appointed to monitor all High Tech governmental initiatives, as I found out from an E-mail I got from his staff. Here's what it said:

WASHINGTON, D.C. – House Republican Leader John Boehner has named Congressman Bill Sali to his High-Tech Working Group, which is charged with expanding economic opportunities in America based on the use of advanced technology.
“In the short time he’s been in office, Congressman Sali has demonstrated an uncanny ability to find commonsense solutions to complex problems,” Boehner said. “Bill is creative, knowledgeable and has a real knack working together with divergent interests in order to benefit his constituents and the nation.”
Boehner has charged the High-Tech Working Group with looking at long-term, creative ways to use technology to benefit the entire economy. The panel is expected to look at how technology is or will impact healthcare, agriculture, engineering, office management and other aspects of daily life.
“I’m honored that Leader Boehner would appoint me to this position,” Sali said. “He is taking a very visionary approach to critical issues facing our country. It is my hope that we can work collaboratively to come up with ideas that will benefit not only America’s high-tech industries, but also Idaho’s economy and the quality of life of its citizens.”

Just more proof that Congressman Sali is way smarter than his critics. Likewise, I can understand why many socialists who come to this blog can't understand my logical arguments about why Bill Sali is the best; it's because my writing is too complex for them. Check out what I got when I put my blog's URL into a website that analyzed what level of education you'd need to understand it:

Sali Rules

I bet the anti-Sali socialist blogs are probably on the Satanic state-sponsored pre-school level.

Friday, October 19, 2007

A Busy Day For Congressman Bill Sali!

Yesterday Congressman Sali sure earned his salary! First, he sustained the President's veto of the Socialist-CHIP bill that would have given government health care to those who probably don't deserve it, including Al Qaeda terrorists and lawbreakers. Congressman Sali knows that no one should get their health insurance provided by the government, and paying for it by taxing honest citizens who enjoy a good legal smoke is totally wrong. (It's just my opinion, but I think those "scientists" who claim some sort of link between smoking and lung cancer are the same ones who missed the proven link between abortion and breast cancer.)

Next, he Stood Up To Pelosi by exercising his Constitutional right to give an interview to non-socialist newsman "DFO". He really nailed all the questions, proving logically and Biblically that his opinion was the only real one that mattered. My question didn't get asked, but hopefully it will be included in the ones that get sent to his office. (I was disappointed to see that Congressman Sali doesn't read blogs himself, but hopefully his staff reads this one. If you're from Congressman Sali's office: Hi!)

Finally, the biggest news is that President Bush personally called Congressman Sali to the White House to get advice on lots of topics! As the President of his Class, Bill Sali has an important leadership role in the House that not even Speaker Pelosi can take away from him. I hope the meeting was in the Oval Office, so that Congressman Sali got to see the office he'll be working in someday!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Congressman Bill Sali Stands Up To Gutterminds

Congressman Bill Sali is always ready to Stand Up for everything that's right and good about this country, and one of the best things about the USA is that most people don't ever think about sex. That's not the case for the socialists at the Idaho Socialist Statesman, though. Today, they're spending all their web resources vainly trying to get people to believe that Senator Larry Craig wanted to have sex with a man, and making the good people of Idaho think about prostitution and how it can be found on the Internet.

The saddest part of the paper's gutter-mindedness was how they tried to tear down a young woman entrapped by the police on trumped-up prostitution charges in an online story. Here's the young woman in question:

I ask you, does this woman look like a prostitute? She looks like someone who, if she met the right preacher of the right kind of church would be shouting out "Oh, God, yes, Jesus" at the top of her lungs given the right encouragement. The police claim that her Craigslist ad (I guess it's some sort of E-Bay for one city) is really an invitation for "johns", but I can't see it -- there aren't any dollar signs, and since prostitution means sex for money, no money means no prostitution. Plus, she has one of those "MySpace" pages, where it doesn't mention prostitution at all; in fact, it says she's a student.

I really hope that Congressman Sali continues Standing Up to the filth that the Statesman publishes. Tomorrow, he's going to spend some time answering questions online at a non-socialist paper's website; maybe if the Boise paper would straighten up their act, he'd do the same thing for them.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Congressman Sali's Official Portrait

Congressman Bill Sali, from his Congressional website:

The man. The myth. The legend. A shining paradigm of all that's food about America. A man unafraid to stand up to Speaker Pelosi. A man of the people. As long as they're non-Socialist Christian heterosexual American citizens. If you're not one of those, he has Christian love for you, and hopes you become one (or that you go back to the country you came from).

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Standing Up for Senator Larry Craig and the "Wide Stance"

Those of you who can still stand getting your news from the liberal media have probably seen reports that Idaho's Senator Larry Craig is being unfairly targetted by the press because of a simple misunderstanding in Minnesota (a known bastion of socialism). While I'm not surprised that the normal collection of socialists is unconstitutionally calling for Sen. Craig to be forced from office, I'm disappointed to see several Patriots (like Adam Graham, Clayton Cramer, Bryan Fischer, and Halli) falling for Speaker Pelosi's obvious plan to force this honorable man from office so she can appoint someone like Liberal Larry Grant to take his place in the Senate. These Patriots should have followed the advice of Idaho's Head Patriot, Congressman Bill Sali, who said through his spokesman: "It is prudent to not rush to judgment, to give Sen. Craig an opportunity to respond and to give him the benefit of the doubt."

It seems like a lot of people are rushing to judgment without applying any logic. If you think about it, you'll see clearly that these charges that Senator Craig is some sort of pole-smoking turd burglar must be completely fabricated. Consider this: Senator Craig is married. Since married men have sex with women, it follows logically that they don't have sex with men. This in and of itself is enough to show that Senator Larry Craig doesn't have a hankerin' for some anonymous slab of man-meat tickling his Senatorial tonsils.

Senator Craig explained most eloquently today why he had to mislead the socialist judge in Minnesota by signing a plea petition saying he knew he was guilty when in fact he was innocent of the charges. The reason, as all right-thinking people already knew, was that the media (clearly working under Pelosi's orders) forced him to do it! By investigating earlier claims of knob gobbling by Senator Craig and asking him about them, the socialist reporters of the Idaho Socialist Statesman left Sen. Craig with no choice but to investigate the world of depravity they claimed he was part of, if only to be better able to disprove their charges later. Even if it turns out that Sen. Craig did at some point engage in some cock-thirsty gloryholing as part of his research, it was clearly only because of the suggestions from the reporters that he learn to appreciate that lifestyle.

Many people have criticized Senator Craig for his explanation that he was only touching the foot of the undercover policeman because he takes a "wide stance" in the toilet. I find this highly believable, because I, too, find that a wide stance gives me more leverage in getting out the really stubborn turds. Since Senator Craig is an older guy, I bet it's even more of a problem for him. So, it really comes down to the word of the Senator vs. the arresting officer. What do we really know about his truthfulness, anyway? Is he really a police officer?

Here's a picture of the "officer" in question:

And here's a picture of actor/singer Kirby Heyborne:

I think you can tell that it's fairly apparent what really happened. Speaker Pelosi, wanting to get back at Congressman Bill Sali for standing up to her so effectively, hired an actor to falsely accuse Sali's ally Senator Craig of attempted rump rangering, and then had her minions spike Sen. Craig's food with drugs to make him plead guilty. It's the only logical explanation!

I have complete faith that, with Bill Sali's help, Senator Larry Craig will come through this ordeal stronger than he ever was, and will continue to stand up - with a wide stance - for Idaho values in the Senate and its restrooms. And, even if he doesn't survive politically and ends up resigning, that would just mean that Bill Sali will be able to win election to his seat in 2008 and will have even more power than he does now. Pelosi's plans are thwarted again!

P.S. (September 6) Thanks to everyone who's come to see my blog because on my defense of the great American Senator Larry Craig, including readers from HuckleBerries Online. (I didn't know if the guy who writes that blog, "DFO", is a Pro-Sali Patriot or Anti-Sali Socialist, so I made a new category for him.) Also welcome to everyone who has come here from Google searches; I seem to get a lot of people looking for information on "cock-thirsty gloryholing" for some reason.

If you'd like to read the rest of my blog about how Congressman Bill Sali is defending American Christian Values by standing up to Speaker Pelosi, please read my main page.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Bill Sali Speaks the Truth to Pelosi's Power

Congressman Bill Sali, the most stalwart defender of American values in the godless Democrat-controlled Congress, is once again standing up to Pelosi and her plan to destroy America through demanding Hindu prayers in the Senate and ordering the election of Muslims to the House.

In a recent radio interview, Congressman Bill Sali spoke out against the dangerous precedent of allowing a non-Christian into Congress in any capacity.

"Last month, the U.S. Senate was opened for the first time ever with a Hindu prayer. Although the event generated little outrage on Capitol Hill, Representative Bill Sali (R-Idaho) is one member of Congress who believes the prayer should have never been allowed.
"We have not only a Hindu prayer being offered in the Senate, we have a Muslim member of the House of Representatives now, Keith Ellison from Minnesota. Those are changes -- and they are not what was envisioned by the Founding Fathers," asserts Sali.
Sali says America was built on Christian principles that were derived from scripture. He also says the only way the United States has been allowed to exist in a world that is so hostile to Christian principles is through "the protective hand of God."
"You know, the Lord can cause the rain to fall on the just and the unjust alike," says the Idaho Republican.
According to Congressman Sali, the only way the U.S. can continue to survive is under that protective hand of God. He states when a Hindu prayer is offered, "that's a different god" and that it "creates problems for the longevity of this country."

Congressman Sali started standing up for God and America when he refused to take the oath of office on the Koran. Now, as Bryan Fischer of the Idaho Values Alliance points out, Hindus and Muslims really don't fit in with America.

"Hindus believe in a virtually infinite number of gods and worship cows, monkeys and snakes, while our Founding Fathers believed in one God, the Creator God revealed in the Old and New Testaments.
We pledge allegiance to “one nation under God,” not to “one nation under gods.” Quite simply, Hindus, who of course are free in America to worship as many gods and animals as they would like, do not pray to or worship the God who is enshrined in our Declaration of Independence.
Rep. Sali recognizes that congressional invocations are not just ceremonial in nature, but substantive. They are one of the crucial ways in which our leaders seek the favor of the same God who granted us such signal blessings at the time of our founding and for over 200 years since.
And Congressman Sali’s caution with regard to Islam and public policy is wise. When you examine nations whose public institutions have been shaped by Islamic politicians, you find no freedom of religion, no freedom of speech, no freedom of conscience, no fundamental rights for women, and no freedom for ordinary citizens to choose their leaders."

While there are those anti-Sali socialists who believe that the Constitution contains some sort of prohibition on a "religious test", it's clear that the Founding Fathers believed that only Christians of northern European descent should serve in Congress. If we fall into Pelosi's trap of accepting Muslims in Congress, pretty soon we'll have lots of people who don't believe in the divinity of Jesus Christ in the House or even the Senate -- and then where will we be? Congressman Sali points out that only the protective hand of God protects us; those who believe we're protected by wide oceans and a strong military are just fooling themselves. After all, how long have Hindu and Muslim countries like India and Saudi Arabia been able to survive without God's protection?

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Anti-Sali Socialists just don't get it

The usual suspects were all up in arms earlier this week over the retirement of Congressman Bill Sali's loyal district director, former State Senator Gerry Sweet. Egged on by the "political" writer in the local fishwrap, the reality-impaired screamers were coming up with some ridiculous ideas about what made Sen. Sweet retire from his job after only six months. "Commie Red" State Rebel had the unbelievable idea that it was because of some gun show -- an idea that Pro-American Patriot Adam Graham easily shot down. Mountain Goat thought it was because Gerry was using his government computer to sell guns over the internet. That's an idea so dumb that only someone who thinks government should regulate businesses could come up with that one.

The real reason Sen. Sweet decided to move on seems clear to me. Sen. Sweet, like Rep. Sali, knows that the federal government is bad (except when it's keeping homosexuals from having sex). It's clear to me that God told him that he shouldn't continue accepting a tainted paycheck from the government that unjustly seizes our incomes. Since he's not independently wealthy like Congressman Sali, he still has to make money to support his young family -- unlike Rep. Sali, who I'm sure is returning his paycheck for being a Congressman in order to reduce our taxes. It's really simple when you think about it.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Congressman Bill Sali Speaks

In the paper today, Rep. Bill Sali really puts secular humanist and socialist Kevin Richert in his place in a guest editorial:

"During the last five months, I have had the honor of representing Idahoans in Congress. In those few short months, much to my chagrin, the 110th Congress has already approved some $60 billion in new spending and a contingent of new programs on which that money was spent, thus making big government even bigger.
As Idaho Statesman editorial writer Kevin Richert points out in his column from last week, yes, I have cast many "no" votes. Kevin says that's a bad thing. I respectfully disagree. I'm proud of every one of those no votes, because they are votes against bigger government, higher taxes and wasteful spending. I think the people of Idaho elected me precisely because I promised to vote that way when I got to Washington, D.C. I was not elected to vote with the new Democratic majority. I was not elected to vote unthinkingly with my party — or even my president. I was elected to Congress to cast votes that represent the views of Idaho's 1st Congressional District, not Nancy Pelosi's California 8th.
I was elected to Congress to do what's right, not what's easy. It would be easy to sit back and vote for the all the neat-sounding legislation that comes to us. But that's how bad legislation gets passed. Just slap a compelling name on it and dare congressmen to vote no. Who can vote against the Small Business Lending Improvements Act? Or the Sowing the Seeds Through Science and Engineering Research Act? Or the Torture Victims Relief Reauthorization Act?
You can if you read beyond the cutesy title. The Small Business Lending Improvements Act actually is a significant expansion of government. More than that, the bill calls on the Small Business Administration to pick the "winners and losers" in the private sector, providing grants based on arbitrary and pre-determined government quotas and not on real needs.
The Sowing the Seeds Through Science and Engineering Research Act sounds almost poetic. But did you know that it would increase federal spending by more than a billion dollars, would create three new government programs and would duplicate existing — and in some cases, not very effective — science and engineering programs?
And how about that Torture Victims Relief Reauthorization Act? We all abhor torture, right? I do. And that's why I don't want the United Nations to get the $12 million in the bill to help torture victims. The United Nations is the same organization that botched its oversight of the Oil for Food program at a cost of billions. The United Nations mismanages and squanders money consistently and on a huge scale and shouldn't be given more from American taxpayers. The issue for the United Nations is not more funding but its urgent need for financial integrity, transparency and efficiency.
The essential problem with our current Congress is its inability to say no. Unfortunately, this weakness apparently knows no party, as the Republican-controlled Congress exhibited the same problem at times. This federal government, with Congress at the wheel, keeps creating new government programs and spending billions of dollars to fund them. Then, after everyone has patted themselves on the back for creating those new programs, they lament that our federal deficit is too big and our taxes too high. Worse, in just a few short years, we will likely have an investigation to determine why these federal government programs are such abysmal failures. To correct the failures, Congress will likely then vote to expand the program that failed in the first place. Once expanded, Congress will have to vote to raise your taxes in order to subsidize the now expanded, yet failing, federal government program.
Clearly the federal government is broken and Americans really want to see it fixed. I intend to work to make those fixes happen. If you agree with me that Congress is broken and needs reform, please write to me by going to my Web site, Together, we can put our country, and our Congress, back on the right path."

Let's face it -- if it weren't for Representative Bill Sali standing up to Pelosi, who knows how many more hundreds of billions of dollars Congress would have spent. It's only fear of Congressman Bill Sali and his "no" votes that keeps Pelosi from doing even worse.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Congressman Bill Sali stands up to whiners

The anti-Sali socialist over at The Mountain Goat Report is trying to claim that Rep. Sali's vote against the so-called "Torture Victims Relief Reauthorization Act" is a bad thing, or that the fact that he is one of only seven brave Congressmen to stand up to Pelosi is somehow wrong. The fact is that no one goes around torturing people just for the fun of it, and these people who have been tortured probably did something to deserve it. It's just like liberals to try to throw money at so-called "victims" who should be taking responsibility for their choices instead of whining for government handouts.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Statesman Article on Congressman Bill Sali

Sorry for not posting much lately, but there hasn't been much news on Rep. Bill Sali's ongoing battle against Nancy Pelosi. Today, though, the Idaho Statesman broke their long silence to put out this article on how great Congressman Sali has been doing. Here's some of what they said:

"One hundred days into Sali's term in Congress, the combative evangelical conservative remains as determined as ever to "reform" the Beltway culture, though so far with little of his trademark bluster.
As if to prove the point, one of his first acts in Washington was to get himself elected GOP freshman class president. It's a largely ceremonial post, but his press secretary, Wayne Hoffman, said it "says a lot about his ability to get along and build relationships."

And this:

"• He called a Democratic budget plan a "vicious money grab" because he believes it will lead to tax increases. He suggested that some Democratic proposals on global warming might be "mere ideology, zealotry in the name of environmental extremism." And on the Democrats' opposition to Bush's troop surge in Iraq, he said, "No is not a plan."
• On key votes so far: Sali voted against a war spending bill that sets timelines for withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq; against a bill repealing tax breaks for oil companies; and against a bill allowing the government to negotiate directly with drug makers for lower prescription drug prices under Medicare.
• On immigration, an issue that has divided Republicans, Sali joined with 87 House members in backing a bill to make English the nation's "official language." He also signed a letter with 96 other lawmakers opposing a path to amnesty or any other kind of legal status for undocumented workers."

Way to go, Congressman Bill Sali! Of course, the liberal/socialist Statesman tried to make Rep. Sali look bad, but they couldn't. They even tried to make it hard to get to the list of all the votes Congressman Sali has made, but I got through -- here's where you can go to see all his principled conservative votes. I was especially impressed to see that he stood up against Pelosi to protect our freedom to do with our animals what we will, as God intended, by voting against the socialist "Animal Fighting Prevention Enforcement Act". Although he was joined by only 38 other God-fearing Congressmen, his strong stand against Pelosi was heard loud and clear here in Idaho!

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Liberal Larry Grant Wants To Lose Again

While Congressman Bill Sali is continuing to stand up to Pelosi (helped by God, who's sending the right messages by punishing the "people" of San Francisco), the loser of the last election, "Liberal Larry" Grant, is planning to try to run against Rep. Sali again. Here's what it says in "The Hill":

"While a number of factors will play into his decision, it mostly boils down to weighing his odds. Put simply: If he thinks he can win, he’s likely to run. And winning in a presidential election year will not be easy.
“We’re from a very red state, so a guy would like to have a chance of winning,” Grant said. “That depends on a lot of things, like how well the Democrats do in Congress. [House Speaker] Nancy [Pelosi] (D-Calif.) and crew seem to be doing pretty well right now.
“It’ll also depend, more importantly, on Mr. Sali and his record.”
Indeed, despite his vacationing, Grant has detailed knowledge of Sali’s votes thus far, noting that Sali has “voted against everything except ethics reform and the resolution honoring the Boise State Broncos” football team, which won college football’s Fiesta Bowl."

Well, he's going to lose, so he shouldn't even plan on running. When the people of Idaho see that Rep. Sali was on the other side of Pelosi on almost every contested vote, they won't care that his side didn't win any of those votes -- we just want someone to send a message. And Congressman Bill Sali is just the man to do it!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Pelosi In Her Own Words

Sorry I haven't been posting too much -- I've been really busy. A friend sent me this link to a video of Speaker Pelosi herself showing just how horrible she is. See for yourself:

I'm just glad we have Congressman Bill Sali to keep her from realizing her vision.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Congressman Sali had a Great Week!

It was a banner week for Congressman Bill Sali as he stood up to Pelosi in opposing her "Six for Socialism" bills to start the Congress. Despite the fact that it took teh Democrats over 200 hours to force all the bills through, they still claim that they did it in less than 100 "legislative" hours, whatever that means. Just another example of the Democrats not being able to tell time.

Congressman Sali stood his ground and fought Pelosi tooth and nail over these bills:

1) Implementing the 9/11Commission Recommendations Act: Bill Sali fought for the rights of law-abiding Americans to transport explosives or other 2nd Amendment protected arms on ships.
2) Fair Minimum Wage Act: Bill Sali used his most flowery oratorical skills to prove that the minimum wage was against Natural Law; we know he was good because the Idaho Socialist Statesman tried to make fun of him. Bill Sali knows that the minimum wage was first enacted in 1938, and that because of the violation of Natural Law inherent in this evil socialist program, our economy has never been the same.
3) Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act: Bill Sali knows that people are healed because of their faith in God, not some "medical research". He agrees with all right-thinking people that we should kill criminals, not babies.
4) Medicare Prescription Drug Price Negotiation Act: If there's anything that's against Natural Law, it's the concept that consumers should be able to negotiate with businesses for a "better" price. Congressman Sali knows that the only real functions of government should be to keep gay people from getting married and protecting us from Canadian prescription drugs.
5) College Student Relief Act: Here, Rep. Sali was one of only 71 Republicans with enough guts to stand up to Pelosi. While Congressman Sali's Chief of Staff came up with a "politically correct" answer for why he voted against it, I figure the real reason is that Bill knows that kids who go to college will only have their heads filled with liberal claptrap from socialist professors. No one needs that.
6) Creating Long-Term Energy Alternatives for the Nation Act: Bill Sali knows the oil companies are doing important work, and shouldn't have to pay taxes at all -- and Pelosi wants to raise them!

One vote that Congressman Sali made this week did kind of disappoint me -- he voted to congratulate the Florida Gators for "winning" the football national championship, when everyone knows that the Boise State Broncos are the real national champion.

A lot of anti-Americans have written into the paper to complain about Congressman Sali. The Statesman is showing their true colors by not printing a single letter from Sali supporters. One of the socialists said that Bill wasn't worth what he's being paid, but that's stupid. I'm sure Congressman Sali is donating his paycheck to a worthy cause; it's not like he needs the money, as even this anti-Sali blogger admits.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Video Of Congressman Bill Sali Being Sworn In (Using A Bible!)

A friend sent me a link to this video that has Congressman Bill Sali standing up to Pelosi by using a Bible to be sworn in, with his non-homosexual family in attendence. I bet Pelosi just knows that Bill is going to stop all of her liberal plans!

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Sali Stands Up For Our Freedoms

Congressman Bill Sali once again proved that he's willing to stand up to Nancy Pelosi as she attempts to destroy America. Today, he voted against the "Implementing the 9/11Commission Recommendations Act", which will destroy our freedom from government searches of cargo patriotic Americans (and others) may want to bring into our ports. While the bill passed 299-128, it's clear that Rep. Sali's opposition prevented Pelosi from claiming a major victory. Had "Liberal Larry" Grant been elected, the vote would have been 300-127, and Pelosi could have claimed some sort of 300 vote mandate. Unfortunately, Idaho's other Congressman, Mike Simpson, voted for Pelosi. As far as I'm concerned, there's no such thing as a Republican for Pelosi's Bills. They are Democrats!

Thursday, January 4, 2007

Bill Sali Now A Congressman

It looks like it's going to be a great year! First of all, as I predicted, Boise St. easily beat Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl in the greatest game of all time. Now, if Florida can beat Ohio St., BSU will be the national champions!

It's also great because, as of today, Bill Sali is officially a Congressman, so he'll be able to start "officially" standing up to Nancy Pelosi. I was a little disappointed that Congressman Sali wasn't able to keep her from being elected as Speaker of the House, but the vote shows how important it was that Idaho sent a Republican to Congress instead of Liberal Larry Grant. If Grant had been there, Pelosi would have gotten 234 votes instead of 233, and that would have been a much easier number for liberals to remember.

It looks like Rep. Sali is already taking the lead in standing up to Pelosi. First of all, he gave a speech on TV today where he talked about introducing a balanced budget amendment. That just shows how much we need him in the House; otherwise, it's unlikely that bill would have been introduced. Bill Sali will be able to show the liberals that we can still cut taxes while cutting spending if we just stop giving away money to people who don't deserve it. I was a little surprised that Rep. Sali said he'd try to work with the Democrats; I figure that's just his way of setting them up for his later attacks.

Congressman Sali next stood up to Pelosi during his ceremonial swearing in. Right in front of Nancy Pelosi, he bravely put his hand on a Bible like a good American (and unlike this guy, who used a Koran -- he should go back to where he came from if he doesn't want to use a Bible). Even more importantly, he had his 7 year old grandson there -- a grandson who has both a mother and a father, which is something Nancy Pelosi is against. Congressman Bill Sali isn't going to swear on a Koran or make his grandson's parents get divorced and go gay just because it would make Nancy Pelosi happy!

The new Congressman Sali website is up now, but it doesn't seem to have much on it. I suppose it's really hard for Rep. Sali to get very good help in D.C., with all those Democrats who live there.