Saturday, January 20, 2007

Congressman Sali had a Great Week!

It was a banner week for Congressman Bill Sali as he stood up to Pelosi in opposing her "Six for Socialism" bills to start the Congress. Despite the fact that it took teh Democrats over 200 hours to force all the bills through, they still claim that they did it in less than 100 "legislative" hours, whatever that means. Just another example of the Democrats not being able to tell time.

Congressman Sali stood his ground and fought Pelosi tooth and nail over these bills:

1) Implementing the 9/11Commission Recommendations Act: Bill Sali fought for the rights of law-abiding Americans to transport explosives or other 2nd Amendment protected arms on ships.
2) Fair Minimum Wage Act: Bill Sali used his most flowery oratorical skills to prove that the minimum wage was against Natural Law; we know he was good because the Idaho Socialist Statesman tried to make fun of him. Bill Sali knows that the minimum wage was first enacted in 1938, and that because of the violation of Natural Law inherent in this evil socialist program, our economy has never been the same.
3) Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act: Bill Sali knows that people are healed because of their faith in God, not some "medical research". He agrees with all right-thinking people that we should kill criminals, not babies.
4) Medicare Prescription Drug Price Negotiation Act: If there's anything that's against Natural Law, it's the concept that consumers should be able to negotiate with businesses for a "better" price. Congressman Sali knows that the only real functions of government should be to keep gay people from getting married and protecting us from Canadian prescription drugs.
5) College Student Relief Act: Here, Rep. Sali was one of only 71 Republicans with enough guts to stand up to Pelosi. While Congressman Sali's Chief of Staff came up with a "politically correct" answer for why he voted against it, I figure the real reason is that Bill knows that kids who go to college will only have their heads filled with liberal claptrap from socialist professors. No one needs that.
6) Creating Long-Term Energy Alternatives for the Nation Act: Bill Sali knows the oil companies are doing important work, and shouldn't have to pay taxes at all -- and Pelosi wants to raise them!

One vote that Congressman Sali made this week did kind of disappoint me -- he voted to congratulate the Florida Gators for "winning" the football national championship, when everyone knows that the Boise State Broncos are the real national champion.

A lot of anti-Americans have written into the paper to complain about Congressman Sali. The Statesman is showing their true colors by not printing a single letter from Sali supporters. One of the socialists said that Bill wasn't worth what he's being paid, but that's stupid. I'm sure Congressman Sali is donating his paycheck to a worthy cause; it's not like he needs the money, as even this anti-Sali blogger admits.


Anonymous said...

Could you let us know when Rep. Sali will be appearing on TV - either to do floor speaches or if he is interviewed by someone? I'd like to see our Representative when he is standing up for us in Washington D.C.

Bill Sali Fan said...

I sure will!

Anonymous said...

Hey you're dropping the ball. Sali was on Cspan recently explaining to liberals that that graft and corruption during a time of war always happen and Congress shouldn't be doing any oversight of the Pentagon budget because it sends the wrong message to our troops.

Anonymous said...

If you hate liberals so much why don't you get a different job and come out of the closet. I'm sure there are a lot of bigots like you in idaho that would employ you.
If electing this idiot is the best idaho can do then good luck. we'll bail you out again (the states that really keep the country going and pay most of the taxes).