Friday, August 29, 2008

The Obvious Choice: Bill Sali For Vice President!

The news is reporting that RINO John McCain is going to pick someone to get the Republican nomination for Vice President today. NBC is reporting that Minnesota Gov. Pawcatuck and Mormon Mitt Romney are out of the running. Some people say it will be the Governor of Alaska, but he has a girl's name ("Sarah" Palin), so he'll get laughed at by all Patriotic Americans, just like the guy in "My Name Is Sue" by Johnny Cash. Plus, he's still in Alaska.

With all these people out of the running, there's only one conservative left who will rally the base: Congressman Bill Sali. Want proof? Check out his campaign schedule: not only does he not have any events scheduled for this afternoon, but also none for this weekend, and only one in September. This is the schedule of a man who's ready to answer the call to be the Vice President! Expect the announcement that the Hero of the Owyhees will be the next Vice President sometime today.

Plus, with McCain being a really old guy, this means that Bill Sali will probably be President even before the 2012 expectations of most observers. Then he'll be able to ship Wacky Walter Mitty off to Gitmo!

P.S. Here's proof that I'm on the right track! My thingie that tells me about all my visitors shows that the Socialists over at CNN have picked up my story!

Vice President Bill Sali will be sure to appoint me to the Neighborhood Watch committee now!

P.P.S. It turns out that RINO McCain didn't make the choice that would have easily won him the election in Bill Sali, but that's good for Idahoans, because now we'll have Congressman Sali continuing to Stand Up To Pelosi in the House. Plus, Pro-Sali Patriot Bryan Fischer seems to really like Governor Palin, so that's a good thing. Still, I'm surprised that all these stories on Palin are showing so many pictures of his wife.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Congressman Bill Sali Stands Up to Namby-Pamby Teacher's Pets

Didn't you always used to dislike all those teacher's pets who told the teacher if someone was breaking the rules? Note that these weren't important rules, like "Don't commit sodomy" or "Don't illegally come to America" or "Don't belong to any religion other than evangelical Christianity", but the silly rules that all Patriotic Americans don't really care about. The Socialists are really outdoing themselves when it comes to tattling this year.

Socialist Mountain Goat says that Bill Sali might have "broken a rule" when he sent out his highly-informative mailing this month within 90 days of the election. The fact is that the "rule" only has to do with "unsolicited" mailings, and I know for sure that everyone in the 1st District wants to hear what the Hero of the Owyhees has to say!

The Socialist press is now "reporting" that the bold and forceful charges that "Wacky" Walter Mitty had a house in Idaho's other district, and is only renting a house in this district, are somehow undermined just because they aren't actually "true". I say truth is in the eye of the beholder, and if Patriotic Idahoans want something to be true hard enough, then God will make it so!

The Pelosi-controlled Socialists on the so-called "Committee for House Administration" are now saying that Bill Sali is somehow breaking a "rule" that his Congressional offices have to actually be in the district the Congressman is representing. This goes to show how little these Eastern Elitists understand Idaho; it's as if they think there's a lot of land out here where people can just establish an office. The Truth is that pretty much everywhere except for downtown Boise (which is controlled by Socialists) is a free-fire area where Patriotic Idahoans can exercise their 2nd Amendment Rights at will, and having an office somewhere else could cause people visiting to get hit by stray rounds. Bill Sali cares about his constituent's safety!

What it all boils down to is this: Bill Sali doesn't need to answer to all these tattle-tales and "concerned citizens"; Bill Sali is above the law by virtue of being right! Nowhere in the Bible -- the only true source of Law -- does it say that Bill Sali can't have his offices outside his district, or can't mail out taxpayer-funded campaign brochures whenever he darn well pleases. A verse from Isaiah is applicable to this situation: "...Stand by thyself, come not near to me; for I am holier than thou..." Bill Sali is truly holier than his Socialist opponents, and as such he doesn't have to answer their scurrilous attacks. These Socialists should be ashamed of themselves for daring to question someone of Bill Sali's intellect and stature! (They should also be ashamed of themselves for attacking the "Amerian Carol" movie.)

Thursday, August 21, 2008

I'm Going To Hold A Yard Sale For Bill Sali!

The Hero of the Owyhees, Congressman Bill Sali, has offered a great way for all true Idaho Patriots to help his campaign to defeat Socialism and replace it with ideals of the John Birch Society -- yard sales.

That right -- if you're a Pro-Sali Patriot, you too can sell your personal possessions, and give the money to Bill Sali! Here's some of what Congressman Sali has to say:
"My family and I have always enjoyed holding and going to yard sales. We have found them to be a great way to meet new people in our community and a fun way to pick up odds and ends. (Sometimes we find an item that we actually need) My new program, Yard Sales for Sali, will give everyone who appreciates what I have done in Congress an opportunity to show their support - financially and in their community.
Why host a yard sale for my campaign? The answer is simple: if you support and believe in my record of principled leadership to help reign in government spending, lower taxes and promote a socially conservative agenda, I need your help. Through Yard Sales for Sali, families across the District can hold a yard sale and donate some or all of the proceeds to the Campaign. This will provide a way for every supporter to make an important and immensely valuable contribution to the campaign."

Just imagine what a great service you'd be doing for mankind (at least the Heterosexual Christian American portion of it, which is really all that matters) if you sold all your furniture to the Patriot down the street! And then you could buy it back when he holds a yard sale. And imagine how happy someone would be to buy your used litter box knowing that the money would be going to Bill Sali, Representative for All Idahoans and future President. Personally, I have a really nice antique computer (IBM PC Jr.) that I know some Patriotic home-schooled child would love to do his homework on. Plus, I've got a few old engagement rings that I just know this one neighborhood spinster would love to wear and show off to her friends.

Bill Sali doesn't say in his blog if we're allowed to take money from those who don't represent American Christian values -- such money might be tainted, after all. So I'll make sure that my "Hindus Stay Off The Grass And Out Of Congressional Prayers" sign is up next to all my Bill Sali for Congress gear that I'll get for free! I'll also go through all my old white clothes I used to wear when I lived up north as well to see if there's anything else I'd be willing to give up for the cause. Plus, I have a cat with some unfortunate bowel control problems that I'm sure some small child would really love. If anyone has any suggestions for other things I could sell, I'd love to hear them!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Congressman Bill Sali getting well-deserved National Attention!

Congressman Bill Sali will always be the Hero of the Owyhees, but as he's moved onto the national stage those of us who have always admired his moral ascendency from close up will have to learn to share him with the rest of the country. Bill Sali's campaign to Stand Up To Pelosi is now gaining national attention, as evidenced by this blog post from the website of the nationally-televised "The Daily Show" TV show. Here's part of what they say in praising Bill Sali:

"Take Republican Congressman Bill Sali of Idaho, for example. His campaign seems... to master the incredibly difficult... computing device"


"Sali's office... have really good excuses"


"... they always... figure out how to... upload FEC report through... office network... on the hard drive".

While "The Daily Show" clearly has a Socialist host, their correspondents are always very Patriotic, especially former correspondent Stephen Colbert (who recently got promoted to have his own show). National press attention like this will easily propel Bill Sali to an easy victory in November on his way to the Presdency in 2012!

P.S. Now even normally-Socialist blogger "Wonkette" is singing the praises of Bill Sali! Check out her opening paragraph:

"Idaho Congressman Bill Sali has been participating in the current GOP Cuddle Party For Oil. But no one will listen to him even though he knows everything! In fact, he could solve the entire energy crisis in one hot minute if people paid any damn attention, because he knows that there “could be up to 40 barrels of oil” in a single tree. Ha ha, look at what you’ve really been hugging all these years, you filthy liberal hippies: a filthy casket of crude oil..."

Very true words from a popular national media person, who's right even if she does have an unfortunate fixation with buttsex.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Bill Sali Has An Official Campaign Blog!

I'm really excited, because tonight I was re-reading Congressman Bill Sali's campaign website to check out all the appearances he'll be making here while Congress is on a Socialist-mandated vacation, when I saw something amazing. Bill Sali has joined me in the fight against Anti-Sali Socialists in the Idaho political blogosphere! That's right -- Bill Sali has an Official Campaign Blog!

I was so excited to be able to converse directly with the Hero of the Owyhees that I immediately left him a comment. He's got comment moderation turned on, though, so it didn't appear right away. I really hope he approves the comment and it shows up on his blog, because then it'll be like we're talking!

I sure hope a bunch of the left-wing hatemongers don't show up and make a bunch of Socialist comments there.