Friday, August 29, 2008

The Obvious Choice: Bill Sali For Vice President!

The news is reporting that RINO John McCain is going to pick someone to get the Republican nomination for Vice President today. NBC is reporting that Minnesota Gov. Pawcatuck and Mormon Mitt Romney are out of the running. Some people say it will be the Governor of Alaska, but he has a girl's name ("Sarah" Palin), so he'll get laughed at by all Patriotic Americans, just like the guy in "My Name Is Sue" by Johnny Cash. Plus, he's still in Alaska.

With all these people out of the running, there's only one conservative left who will rally the base: Congressman Bill Sali. Want proof? Check out his campaign schedule: not only does he not have any events scheduled for this afternoon, but also none for this weekend, and only one in September. This is the schedule of a man who's ready to answer the call to be the Vice President! Expect the announcement that the Hero of the Owyhees will be the next Vice President sometime today.

Plus, with McCain being a really old guy, this means that Bill Sali will probably be President even before the 2012 expectations of most observers. Then he'll be able to ship Wacky Walter Mitty off to Gitmo!

P.S. Here's proof that I'm on the right track! My thingie that tells me about all my visitors shows that the Socialists over at CNN have picked up my story!

Vice President Bill Sali will be sure to appoint me to the Neighborhood Watch committee now!

P.P.S. It turns out that RINO McCain didn't make the choice that would have easily won him the election in Bill Sali, but that's good for Idahoans, because now we'll have Congressman Sali continuing to Stand Up To Pelosi in the House. Plus, Pro-Sali Patriot Bryan Fischer seems to really like Governor Palin, so that's a good thing. Still, I'm surprised that all these stories on Palin are showing so many pictures of his wife.


Tami and Chris said...

are you an idiot or trying to be funny? Palin is a woman.

Tami and Chris said...

ahh.... it's satire. wasn't quite clear.