Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Bill Sali Doesn't Need Support From Religious Schismatics!

Congressman Bill Sali is well known for being accepting of all sorts of people: Protestant and Catholic, white and causcasian, heterosexual and celibate... the list goes on. I'm afraid, though, that his trusting nature might have gotten him into a little bit of trouble now. As I was reading his campaign website, I was shocked to see this headline:

"Group launches ReCreationists for Sali"

As I read through the post, I started wondering what was going on. Why is the Hero of the Owyhees, Bill Sali, even giving these freakazoids the time of day? He even says he supports them carrying their blasphemy into public places: "Congressman Sali understands the needs of those recreationists who wish to use public lands. Whether they like using snowmobiles, kayaking, hiking, boating, rafting---you name it, Congressman Sali has been a vocal advocate of our interests. He not only understands, but actively supports our right to responsibly use these lands."

I became dismayed. How could the man who stood up to Hindus being allowed in the Senate chambers even think to support people who believe that God's creation isn't perfect -- and that someone (probably Satan or someone who reads the Muslim Iran) will have to re-create it -- actually using public land. "Has Bill Sali abandoned his principles?" I wondered.

Then, I realized what actually happened. Seeing the story spread to the Idaho Socialist Statesman made me realize that this entire story was a plant by minions of Wacky Walter Mitty. They used their "knowledge" of computers to hack into Bill Sali's website and post the story there! I knew their was no way my hero, Bill Sali, could let me down like that!

And shame on you, Wacky Walter Mitty, for trying to smear a great American and a great friend to true Patriots everywhere. Sadly for you, we see through your Lies and Schemes! Bill Sali will never stoop to recognizing that someone who's not a Christian has so-called "rights" in this great country, as the Founding Fathers intended!

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