Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Bill Sali Stands Up Against Pointy Heads!

I got an E-mail from Bill Sali yesterday! Here's what he said:
Dear Friends,
When I asked for your vote two years ago, I made a number of promises. I have kept them.
I promised to vote against big government and the spending that creates it. I promised to vote for a balanced budget and against deficits. And, I promised to vote against tax increases. Now, I need your help to make sure those promises continue in our nation's Capitol. Will you help?
Please consider sending the most generous contribution you can afford and I ask that you do it today. Can you afford $500 or even $250? No amount is too small. $100, $50, $20 even $5 will help. Please make the most generous contribution you can afford today by clicking here and donating online.
Thank you in advance for your support. With your help, I believe we can keep up the fight in Congress to help advance the vision of our Founding Fathers and give our children and grandchildren hope for a future of freedom and prosperity.

Bill Sali

P.S. If I receive your contribution before September 31st I can include it in my next FEC report. Again, any amount will help and be greatly appreciated. But, please consider making your $100 contribution today by clicking here to send the strongest message possible.
Of course, Bill Sali doesn't really need the money; his election is such a foregone conclusion that the only thing he needs the money for is to donate it to other worthy causes, but he knows that it's traditional for Congressmen to ask for money, so he's doing it for the sake of our Founding Fathers.

What excites me the most about this mailing is that Bill Sali shows how he's taking a stand against elites who want to confuse all us regular Patriotic people. Bill Sali knows that God wouldn't make an Earth where you have to have a confusing calendar, but that's what all those academic people have given us, making us memorize poems or count our knuckles and between-knuckle spaces to determine if a month has 30, 31, or (even more bizarrely) 28 or 29 days depending on which year it is. By boldly declaring that September has 31 days -- as God intended -- Bill Sali shows that he's not constrained by the intellectual limitations placed on Patriots by the Eastern Elite led by Wacky Walt Mitty. He's one of us!

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