Thursday, September 4, 2008

Another Bill Sali Success!

One of the Socialist TV stations here in Boise is reporting on how Congressman Bill Sali has been called in to protect one of our Senate seats from Democratic takeover. In the race to replace retiring Patriot Larry Craig (who was unscrupulously attacked by Socialists last year) the Democrats are cheating by running only one candidate against four Patriotic candidates. Bill Sali knows this is unfair, so he's doing something about it!

“I was asked by Bill Sali if I would get out of this race and it didn't make any sense to me," said Pro-Life...
"...But the man who calls himself Pro-Life says three weeks ago, he was personally called by Sali at his home.
"I got a call from Congressman Bill Sali," said Kent Marmon, Libertarian Party candidate.
"The other two candidates have similar stories.
"It was on a Friday evening, Bill was on his way to a wedding rehearsal for his daughter who was getting married the next day. He asked me if I had considered the fact that I was taking votes away from Jim Risch, helping Larry LaRocco, and if I considered bowing out of the race," said Marmon.
"Independent candidate Rex Rammell says he too was contacted. He won't say by whom, but says it's happened several times...
"...Bill Sali admits he made the calls – a Republican attempt to save the Senate seat. "

That's Bill Sali -- always looking out for other Patriots. Of course, he could have entered the race himself and easily won, but in the Senate he wouldn't be able to Stand Up To Pelosi so successfully; that's why he's letting lesser Patriot Jimmy Risch hold on to the seat until Sali needs it.

Bill Sali's mega-spokesman explained why the Hero of the Owyhees made the calls:

“The people who are on the ballot are wonderful people," said Wayne Hoffman, Sali spokesman.
His spokesman says it was nothing personal -- simply politics.
"This isn't about them, this is about the Democrats trying to use the number of people on the ballot to their advantage, they are making an effort to win not only Bill Sali's seat, but the seat that Jim Risch is running for and it's a big concern," said Hoffman."

Hoffman is exactly right, as usual. How dare the Democrats have the unmitigated gall to try to win a Congressional seat?! And how dare they think they can get away with only running one candidate in a Senate race!? If the Democrats have their way, their guy might be able to win in a multi-candidate race while getting less than half the vote -- maybe even as low as 25.37%. How fair would that be? Bill Sali called them on their un-American values, and now they know they can't get away with such shenanigans.

Expect the candidates touched by Bill Sali's charisma to drop out of the race right away. After all, when Bill Sali sets out to do something, he's always super-effective! (The Socialist lies in the Channel 7 article that claim the other candidates are staying in the race can of course be discounted, since that would imply that Bill Sali isn't 100% successful all the time.)


Julie in Boise said...

Hey, BSF, did you know that Bill Sali got more votes in 2006 (115,843) than Sarah Palin (114,697)? So why didn't Sali get chosen as McCain's VP, eh?

Is he embarrassed to be beaten by a girl?

Of course, they both got less than 50% of the vote that year, meaning that more people voted against them than for them.

Bill Sali Fan said...

Well, McCain is a known RINO who seems to actually be accepting of foreigners -- he even brought in a servant from Bangladesh when there were plenty of Americans who would be willing to work in his homes. That's why Bill Sali waited until after the nomination was official to "endorse" RINO McCain. (Everyone knows that Ron Paul was Bill Sali's first choice.)

If you read a few entries down, you'll see that I called for Sali to be picked as VP last week.

IDGem said...

Wow! That Senate seat is sure popular. One can only hope that Risch does NOT win.