Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Bill Sali Is Effective And Smart!

It's been a stellar month already for Congressman Bill Sali, and it looks like it's only going to get better. On the last day of April, he defended the Patriotic citizens of Idaho from Pelosi-supported Mexican citizens by sending a letter to the Secretary of State protesting Mexico's plan to open a consulate in Boise. Although all right-thinking Patriots can see that the only reason Mexico would want to do that is to have an exit point for the Mexico-Idaho tunnel under the border fence, some Socialists still think that Mexico should be allowed to open the consulate. Bill Sali, on the other hand, knew that he had to stop this from happening, so he wrote the letter. In this act, he proved that he is better than his primary opponent, Matt "Salisbury" Steak, and his general election opponent "Wacky" Walter Mitty. Did they write letters to the Secretary of State? No they didn't! The fact that the letter was ignored makes no difference; Bill Sali alone made the effort.

Some Anti-Sali Socialists might wonder why a Christian man like Congressman Bill Sali is so opposed to illegal immigrants; they blather on and on about how Jesus said we were supposed to "love one another" and so forth. The reason is, I suspect, precisely because Bill Sali is such a respecter of the Judeo-Christian tradition -- a tradition that teaches us not to mix with people of different nationalities. The Old Testament has lots of warnings about bad things that will happen if the Jews mix with Canaanites. In the New Testament, remember how Joseph and Mary illegally immigrated to Egypt, but later they were back in Israel? It's clear to me that Jesus told them they had to go back to Israel as soon as He was able to talk! After He returned, He never left Israel again. Clearly, He was teaching His followers that they should stay in the country they were born in. Bill Sali believes that too.

Today, Bill Sali showed another reason why he's way smarter than his opponents. Wacky Walter was out today basically giving away money to strangers, while Bill Sali was collecting money from strangers who want to be his friend. Which activity would you rather do? I think most sane people would want to get free money from well-dressed people than give handouts to grubby deadbeats. Bill Sali once again shows that his values are Idaho's values!

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