Friday, October 19, 2007

A Busy Day For Congressman Bill Sali!

Yesterday Congressman Sali sure earned his salary! First, he sustained the President's veto of the Socialist-CHIP bill that would have given government health care to those who probably don't deserve it, including Al Qaeda terrorists and lawbreakers. Congressman Sali knows that no one should get their health insurance provided by the government, and paying for it by taxing honest citizens who enjoy a good legal smoke is totally wrong. (It's just my opinion, but I think those "scientists" who claim some sort of link between smoking and lung cancer are the same ones who missed the proven link between abortion and breast cancer.)

Next, he Stood Up To Pelosi by exercising his Constitutional right to give an interview to non-socialist newsman "DFO". He really nailed all the questions, proving logically and Biblically that his opinion was the only real one that mattered. My question didn't get asked, but hopefully it will be included in the ones that get sent to his office. (I was disappointed to see that Congressman Sali doesn't read blogs himself, but hopefully his staff reads this one. If you're from Congressman Sali's office: Hi!)

Finally, the biggest news is that President Bush personally called Congressman Sali to the White House to get advice on lots of topics! As the President of his Class, Bill Sali has an important leadership role in the House that not even Speaker Pelosi can take away from him. I hope the meeting was in the Oval Office, so that Congressman Sali got to see the office he'll be working in someday!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Congressman Bill Sali Stands Up To Gutterminds

Congressman Bill Sali is always ready to Stand Up for everything that's right and good about this country, and one of the best things about the USA is that most people don't ever think about sex. That's not the case for the socialists at the Idaho Socialist Statesman, though. Today, they're spending all their web resources vainly trying to get people to believe that Senator Larry Craig wanted to have sex with a man, and making the good people of Idaho think about prostitution and how it can be found on the Internet.

The saddest part of the paper's gutter-mindedness was how they tried to tear down a young woman entrapped by the police on trumped-up prostitution charges in an online story. Here's the young woman in question:

I ask you, does this woman look like a prostitute? She looks like someone who, if she met the right preacher of the right kind of church would be shouting out "Oh, God, yes, Jesus" at the top of her lungs given the right encouragement. The police claim that her Craigslist ad (I guess it's some sort of E-Bay for one city) is really an invitation for "johns", but I can't see it -- there aren't any dollar signs, and since prostitution means sex for money, no money means no prostitution. Plus, she has one of those "MySpace" pages, where it doesn't mention prostitution at all; in fact, it says she's a student.

I really hope that Congressman Sali continues Standing Up to the filth that the Statesman publishes. Tomorrow, he's going to spend some time answering questions online at a non-socialist paper's website; maybe if the Boise paper would straighten up their act, he'd do the same thing for them.