Saturday, March 15, 2008

More Pro-Sali Patriots Speak Out!

True Patriots in Idaho's 1st Congressional District are showing that they're unafraid of the retribution they'll get from "college graduates" and other socialists by Standing Up to the Idaho Socialist Statesman in the Letters To The Editor section of the paper. Two Canyon County Patriots have their say in today's paper.

Robert Forrey of Nampa says: "As we see the announcements of many getting ready to run for a political office, I am reminded of how Congressman Bill Sali has been a very effective voice for Idahoans in Congress. He has pushed forward the government reform issue, doing his best to get rid of excessive spending. I appreciate all of his hard work, and I'm looking forward to his re-election this November."

Well said, Mr. Forrey! Norm Brown of Caldwell is even more verbose: "I'm seeing claims that Congressman Bill Sali is ineffective, inefficient and is not working hard for Idaho in Congress. These are not true at all, and I hope they are spoken out of ignorance. Congressman Sali is a freshman in the Republican Party, which is the minority party, and he is working against a liberal ideology in the House that is about to get worse if we don't re-elect him.
In fact, he was elected president in his freshman class of congressmen. They don't want to print the fact that his peers see him leading the way for them on issues like border control, pro-life, marriage between a man and woman, lower taxes and a smaller government. After this next presidential election, there will not be a conservative in the White House. That is why we must elect a real conservative. I, for one, see him leading the way as a real Idahoan who is a real conservative."

Bill Sali is always leading the way, whether it's defending the rights of Patriotic Americans to import 2nd Amendment-protected arms into the country without having the government inspect the shipping containers they're in or stopping terrorists from getting government-supplied health insurance. These Patriots know that the last thing Idaho needs is a Congressman in the majority party -- we're individuals, and would rather be Right than to help shape policy in Congress. That's why Nancy Pelosi is so afraid of Bill Sali and all he represents -- someone unwilling to play by the rules of Congress that have evolved over the years, someone who doesn't understand the concept of "compromise" -- these are the ideals that make Idaho great.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

RINO Running Against Congressman Bill Sali

I was sure surprised today when I found out that there's someone running against Congressman Bill Sali in the Republican primary. This Republican In Name Only is Matt Salisbury ("Steak" for short), and he has the unmitigated gall to think he could better represent our District than Bill Sali. Luckily for him, he hasn't actually filed yet -- maybe he'll forget.

Salisbury claims to be an American, yet he was born in Germany. He claims to be an active duty Army veteran, but he also says he was in the National Guard -- which one is it? He claims that he's raising more money in this District than Bill Sali, but this is just silly. Do want someone who's proud of getting little donations from a limited number of people? Bill Sali is smart enough to know that you can get more money by going to rich people in other parts of the country. I want my Congressman to be smart like that.

Some will say that Steak's service in Iraq is important, but honestly, how does that compare to Bill Sali's service in the frontlines of the war against Pelosi? Has Steak ever cast a courageous vote against part of Speaker Pelosi's socialist agenda? I think not.

Remember: Vote for Bill Sali on May 27th. Otherwise, you're a Socialist Stooge.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Congressman Bill Sali Will Drink The Democrat's Milkshake!

Despite the wishes of all the anti-Sali socialists out there, I'm back! Inspired the tenacity shown by Congressman Bill Sali in Standing Up to Pelosi, I decided that I couldn't let a little thing like a forgotten password slow me down in spreading The Truth about Bill Sali and the socialists who oppose him!

The people at the Idaho Socialist Statesman are once again trying to make it seem like it's somehow bad that Congressman Bill Sali is ranked as ineffective by some socialist organization. As all True Patriots know, it's good to be ineffective in Congress! All Congress wants to do is spend our money, and if you're not effective, it means your not getting more money spent. Idaho needs more representatives like Congressman Bill Sali!

Monitoring the various blogs of the Anti-Sali Socialists, I found a new blog by "David ", who says he wants to vote for anyone but Bill Sali! Clearly the product of the socialist Public Education system, he clearly has a lot to learn. Having not been lucky enough to have been taught by Patriots like Bryan Fischer in school, he thinks that Universal Health Care would be a good thing; he needs to learn that if God had wanted up to have Universal Health Care, he would have made it so we don't get sick. I'm gonna be keeping a close eye on him, and hopefully he'll learn that voting for Liberal Larry Grant or Wacky Walter Mitty will start Idaho down the road to a Pelosi/Satan-inspired society of forced socialism and bestiality. He should investigate the unimpeachable logic of Congresman Bill Sali and know that God wants him to vote for a True Patriot who is probably going to be elected President in 2012 -- Bill Sali.