Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Congressman Bill Sali Lives His Beliefs!

A lot of Congressman talk about wanting a balanced budget, but only Bill Sali, Hero of the Owyhees, is enough of a leader to actually walk the talk. Check out this article by the normally socialist Idaho Statesman, where they say:

"Sali raised $107,600 in the first three months of 2008, said campaign manager Michelle Glasgow. Minnick pulled in twice that: $227,586. Minnick spent almost as much as he took in, but at the end of the reporting period, he had $327,909 in the bank. Sali had $124,200, and his FEC filings show that he continues to owe $134,673 from his 2006 campaign."

This just shows how fiscally responsible Bill Sali is, compared to the "tax and spend" mentality of Wacky Walter Mitty. Bill Sali is within about $10,000 of balancing the budgets between his two campaigns, whereas Mitty continues to hold on to his donor's money like he knows better how to spend it. Additionally, Bill Sali knows that it better to take in money from outside of Idaho, while I bet you WWM takes most of his money from hard-working Gem Staters.

Luckily, Mitty won't get a chance to practice his socialist ideals in public life, since Bill Sali has essentially won the election already. As I said over at anti-Sali Socialist Kevin Richert's MSM blog when he wondered if WWM can unite the Democrats following Liberal Larry Grant's dropout:

"It doesn't matter if he's running against Liberal Larry Grant or Wacky Walter Mitty, Congressman Bill Sali is going to win re-election with about 90% of the vote. Why? Because he's doing what all true Idahoans want him to do, which is vote against socialist-inspired legislation and protect the freedoms we hold so dear: freedom from government negotiation of prescription drug prices, freedom from having our society destroyed by non-Christians being allowed to speak in public forums, freedom from non-prayer-based health care. That's why people from all over the country -- and even a few from Idaho -- are contributing to help re-erect Bill Sali. Also, they know he's going to be elected President in 2012."

I'm hoping President-to-be Sali remembers his best supporters when he gets elected in 2012. Not in terms of government jobs, since he'll be eliminating most of them, but in things like appointing the heads of Neighborhood Watch committees. I've been watching my neighbors a lot lately, and I think some of them might be Hindus.