Thursday, May 29, 2008

Bill Sali Racks Up Two More Wins!

It's been another stellar week for Congressman Bill Sali. First, he easily defeated RINO Matt "Salisbury" Steak by over 1.4 million centivotes, despite attempts by Anti-Sali Socialists to make it look like Steak was more popular than he really was. Pro-Sali Patriot Bryan Fischer has the best analysis: "Bill Sali thumped challenger Matt Salisbury 60%-40%, despite a huge influx of crossover Democrats. A sign of just how many Dems jumped ship to make mischief in the Republican primary: Salisbury actually got more votes than Sali’s November opponent, Walt Minnick, the Democrat running unopposed in his primary.

I think that pretty much all of Steak's 27,252 votes came from Democrats and other Socialists, so it's clear that Bill Sali win easily defeat Walter Mitty in November, since Steak's votes combined with Mitty's are probably a lot less than what Bill Sali got.

The Hero of the Owyhees got his biggest win today, though, when the jack-booted ATF admitted that they had confused Congressman Bill Sali and his crack staff. I wrote about Bill Sali and his one-man crusade against federal agencies enforcing "laws" against true-blooded Americans earlier; now we have the proof that they try to confuse Patriots with big words and form letters. Bill Sali won't stand for it, and neither should we! Here's what the Congressman's website says: “I apologize for the confusion caused to you and your office as a result of the email sent from ATF. … The information in that email was inaccurate,” wrote Sullivan." While we don't have the rest of the letter, I bet the ellipses just cut out more stuff where the ATF wrote about how much they fear Congressman Sali as he puts a stop to any attempts on their part to keep Patriots from using Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms however they darn well please, just like the Founding Fathers intended.

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