Thursday, September 18, 2008

Bill Sali Commercial Shows Why He's A Hero

Congressman Bill Sali put out a campaign commercial that shows why he's the best Congressman ever. Here it is:

Bill Sali courageously points out that he voted against over $1.1 trillion in government spending; he got these numbers from the Congressional Research Service, and just coincidentally was able to use them in his commercial three days later. While Socialists will probably complain that he used taxpayer-funded resources to come up with numbers just to use in a campaign commercial, all true Patriots know that he'll make a lot of non-political uses of that report, such as... well, those uses are so obvious that I don't even have to write them down.

Just imagine how much the government would have spent if Bill Sali hadn't bravely voted against the bills! We see from his report (invaluable to future Presidential historians) that he voted against $1.16 trillion in spending, and voted for $835 billion in funding for the military. Since the federal government is spending about $2.9 trillion this year, and about $900 billion of that is for Social Security and interest on the debt, this means that Congress passed about $2 trillion dollars in spending.

Had Liberal Larry Grant been elected in 2006, he would have voted for all this spending, so Congress would have spend the amount Bill Sali voted for and voted against, which is about... 1.16 trillion plus 835 billion... carry the one... $1.995 trillion. Which, as you can see, is much more than the amount Congress actually spent. The numbers don't lie!


Rock Studlin said...

Best part: "In Congress they call him HERO..."

Good ol' misleading political addery...

And I especially enjoyed the enunciation that REPUBLICAN got there at the end. Just so you Idaho voters know who to vote for... after all, if you vote for anyone but those that have an R next to their name...

Dick Cheney will shoot you in the face. Oh, and Jesus kills a kitten.

Bronco P3t3 said...

This recent economic crisis also displays another example of the dueling nature of Idaho’s two congressional representatives. On Friday, the Idaho Statesman reported that Congressman Sali opposes any further federal economic bailouts, sending a letter, along with 30 colleagues, to government financial leaders saying:

“…we urge you in the strongest terms possible to refrain from conducting any additional government-financed bailouts for large financial firms,” wrote Sali and his colleagues. “Regardless of precautions taken, the risk to taxpayers and to the long-term future health of our economy remain just too great to justify.”

Which prompted this response from Simpson:

“What’s his answer: to let the economy go down?” Simpson said. “Sometimes Bill puts himself in a philosophical position that’s untenable that he can’t get off of. We got into this mess because of the failure of government oversight. Consequently, I think there’s a role for government to play in trying to get us out of this, as much as I don’t like it.”

In other words, Sali (who sits on the government oversight committee by the way) needs to pull his head out of the sand.

The pragmatist says, “We’re in a mess, let’s do something to fix it,” while the rigid idealist simply bleats, “Government bad, free market good.”

-From The Mountain goat Report