Thursday, September 4, 2008

Congressman Bill Sali Is A True Conservationist

The Anti-Sali Socialist at "The Unequivocal Notion" seems to have a problem with Bill Sali's heroic new website about his energy plan. (Basically, his plan, which all Patriots agree with, is "use all our energy resources now, because the Rapture will occur after we consume all of the bounty of the earth".) The unknown blogger seems to think that because Bill Sali's plan aligns with President Bush's plan -- which was supported by a vast majority of voters in 2004 -- that there's something wrong with it because Bill Sali doesn't come right out and say where he got his ideas from. Well, duh! Of course Bill Sali gets his ideas from President Bush! Bill Sali is setting the precedent that all Patriots should follow the lead of their President (as long as he's supported by God, like President Bush is) so that people will follow the Hero of the Owyhees when he's elected President in 2012.

Socialists try to make a big deal out of suppressing Patriotic free speech by saying that "you can't just copy someone's words and claim them for your own". (Quotes mean "paraphrasing" in this case.) Bill Sali believes in the 1st Amendment (except maybe the "press", "petition" and "assembly" parts, which are bordering on Socialism), and knows that copying someone's good ideas and presenting them as your own is the highest form of flattery! Anyway, Socialists always talk about "conserving" things, but now they're attacking Bill Sali for "conserving" his brainpower! It's hard work writing new policies, and Bill Sali's beautiful mind is better used in other pursuits. If there's a policy you like, does it really matter that you didn't really "write" it before claiming it as your own? Since the Bible never says, "Bill Sali can't copy from the White House web site without attribution", I say that what he's done is OK with me, along with all right-thinking Idaho Patriots!

(As I went through the "Unequivocal Socialist Notion" website, I found that the blogger doesn't like me because I "make Idaho Democrats look kinda dumb". Hooray for me!)

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