Friday, October 10, 2008

Bill Sali Starts New Dance Craze!

Bill Sali has a new commercial out, and it's a winner!

Bill Sali is clearly going to win this race against "Wacky" Walter Mitty, so he doesn't really need to run commercials to get votes; he's just using his campaign money to provide entertainment to Idahoans. Since he's such a great musician, he knows that Idahoans love music and non-Satanic dancing, so he has the guy in this commercial doing Bill Sali's favorite dance moves.

Of course, since it's pretending to be a campaign commercial, he has to include some facts. That's why he says that "Minnick's Tax Ideas: Cost Idaho Families $2200", and lists the source as "Idaho Statesman, 6/23/03". Just think about what that means; back over 4 years before Wacky Walt started running for Congress, even the Idaho Socialist Statesman was warning about Mitty's tax proposals! I'm sure Bill Sali could have come up with something less than 5 years old if he really wanted to, but he was too busy keeping the Mexican Consulate from being opened in Boise.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

One of the most poorly done campaign ads I've ever seen. Way to show some class Sali campaign!