Thursday, January 4, 2007

Bill Sali Now A Congressman

It looks like it's going to be a great year! First of all, as I predicted, Boise St. easily beat Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl in the greatest game of all time. Now, if Florida can beat Ohio St., BSU will be the national champions!

It's also great because, as of today, Bill Sali is officially a Congressman, so he'll be able to start "officially" standing up to Nancy Pelosi. I was a little disappointed that Congressman Sali wasn't able to keep her from being elected as Speaker of the House, but the vote shows how important it was that Idaho sent a Republican to Congress instead of Liberal Larry Grant. If Grant had been there, Pelosi would have gotten 234 votes instead of 233, and that would have been a much easier number for liberals to remember.

It looks like Rep. Sali is already taking the lead in standing up to Pelosi. First of all, he gave a speech on TV today where he talked about introducing a balanced budget amendment. That just shows how much we need him in the House; otherwise, it's unlikely that bill would have been introduced. Bill Sali will be able to show the liberals that we can still cut taxes while cutting spending if we just stop giving away money to people who don't deserve it. I was a little surprised that Rep. Sali said he'd try to work with the Democrats; I figure that's just his way of setting them up for his later attacks.

Congressman Sali next stood up to Pelosi during his ceremonial swearing in. Right in front of Nancy Pelosi, he bravely put his hand on a Bible like a good American (and unlike this guy, who used a Koran -- he should go back to where he came from if he doesn't want to use a Bible). Even more importantly, he had his 7 year old grandson there -- a grandson who has both a mother and a father, which is something Nancy Pelosi is against. Congressman Bill Sali isn't going to swear on a Koran or make his grandson's parents get divorced and go gay just because it would make Nancy Pelosi happy!

The new Congressman Sali website is up now, but it doesn't seem to have much on it. I suppose it's really hard for Rep. Sali to get very good help in D.C., with all those Democrats who live there.


Anonymous said...

I expect you are going to be disappointed by lots of things in the new Congress since you don't appear to understand how it works. There was absolutely nothing Sali or any other Republican could do about Pelosi's election to Speaker short of a criminal act.

Where do you get your notions that Pelosi wants people to be gay or not have children? I think I saw her grandchildren there as well. And could you just go look up how much money was in the Treasury when Bush took power versus how much we owe today? Republicans are hardly for fiscal responsiblity let alone patriotism.

I think its very unpatriotic for an American to ignore the first amendment and to not allow other citizens to worship the religion of their choosing. And if that citizen wishes to take an oath on a book he holds sacred why would citizens of this great country discourage him? Why would he take an oath on a book he doesn't hold sacred? Doesn't that defeat the purpose? You do know that the copy of the Koran upon which Congressman Ellison took the oath of office (to defend the Constitution) was owned by Thomas Jefferson.

For your own sake you should watch something other than Fox and Andy Griffith reruns. I can see now why you try to hide things from your boss. I hope you told him about your lack of education on the application. Could be grounds for dismissal.

Bill Sali Fan said...

Who are you, some commie? Everyone knows that everyone from San Francisco likes homosexuals and hates normal Americans.

Anonymous said...

Who are you, some commie? Everyone knows that everyone from San Francisco likes homosexuals and hates normal Americans.

you really are hitting it hard billsalifan. sock it to 'em! commie slam works every time!! i'm surprised you didn't call anon a terrorist!

you didn't respond to any of the points in any way, which all are solidly traditional republican points of view.

have you ever traveled outside of the borders of idaho?

san francisco is one of the most diverse cities in america - which means they welcome EVERYONE, that includes your so-called "normal" americans.