Monday, December 31, 2007

A Great Year for Congressman Bill Sali

This certainly has been a splendiferous year for Congressman Bill Sali as he stands up to Pelosi! Even the Idaho Socialist Statesman had to admit how effective he's been at single-handedly stopping Speaker Pelosi's plan to socialize America with his incredible speaking ability and command of the official English language. Here's how Congressman Sali explains his core guiding belief:

"Here's what I was trying to say: that our country was founded on principles that the founding fathers derived largely from Scripture and among them, by the way, was religious freedom," he said. "Everybody who is involved in public policy brings a philosophy to the plate. And when you start bringing philosophy that runs counter to what the Founding Fathers employed ... in putting this country together, then that's not what the Founding Fathers envisioned."

Brilliant! No one could argue with his powerful logic!

I also got an E-mail directly from Congressman Sali's office with effusive praise from a powerful Republican leader, Rep. Roy Blount. Here's some of what the E-mail had to say about the Hero of the Owyhees:

"Congressman Sali successfully convinced the Bureau of Land Management to reverse a decision barring recreational shooting on public lands in southwestern Idaho. Sali also advocated on behalf of recreational users of Lake Cascade, drafted and introduced legislation to protect home and property owners from dangerous wildfires that burn on federally-administered lands and has drafted and introduced several pieces of legislation to change the way Congress does business."

Every non-socialist knows that if you don't have recreational shooters on public lands, only criminals will be shooting on public lands. Bill Sali is the only Congressman willing to stand up to the government bureaucrats in ensuring everyone can shoot darn near any direction they want here in SW Idaho, just like our Founding Fathers intended. You just don't see California Democrats in Congress caring about our district the way Bill Sali does.

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