Friday, December 7, 2007

Bill Sali Knows Best!

Congressman Bill Sali wrote a newspaper article of such stunning brilliance and erudite sipidity that the socialists at the Idaho Socialist Statesman had no choice but to publish it. Here's some of what he said.

"Not long ago, I voted against bills containing billions of dollars in wasteful spending. These were plainly hard votes. On one hand, the bills contained projects that I directly fought for and supported, including money for a detox center in Boise, for the nursing program at Northwest Nazarene University in Nampa, for improvements at Gritman Medical Center in Moscow and for improvements to U.S. 95. On the other hand, those good projects were craftily bundled with waste and bloated spending to achieve passage of those projects that would never pass if proposed separately.
"As a freshman congressman, I am proud to have successfully advocated for these Idaho projects. I'm also proud that the Idaho delegation secured $8 million in support of the 2009 Special Olympics World Winter Games, an exciting event and one Idaho is proud to host.
"I am a strong supporter of those games just like the majority of Idahoans and Americans. My very first bill that received the approval by the House was one recognizing Idaho's selection as host of the 2009 World Winter Games."

Congressman Bill Sali knows that government spending is always bad, unless it's being used to encourage morality. He also knows that it encourages morality to send money from socialist states like California and Wisconsin to a God-fearing state like Idaho. And despite the whining from anti-Sali Socialist "Wordsmith", Bill Sali knows that the Constitution doesn't mention anything about Congressional "resolutions", so therefore what he had passed was obviously a bill. "Wordsmith" was clearly one of those socialists whose parents didn't let her watch Saturday cartoons, so that explains why she doesn't know about how Congress works.

Later on Congressman Sali says:

"Those same bills that contained funding for my Idaho projects also contained wasteful and outlandish programs that Idahoans should not be forced to subsidize with their hard-earned money: $1 million in funding for the naming of a public policy center after former Sen. Tom Daschle, $400,000 for jazz at Lincoln Center in New York City, and enough money to give the bureaucrats at the U.S. Department of Education raises on top of the $95,300 the average bureaucrat there already earns. That's almost twice the salary of the average teacher in America.
"Idaho taxpayers would also have been stuck paying $335,000 for the historic preservation of a baseball field in Montana, $301,500 for the International Peace Garden in North Dakota and $100,00 for signage in Los Angeles' High Fashion District.
"There are no parades for those who vote against spending money in Congress. There are no celebrations when excessive spending is defeated. Nonetheless, I am convinced Americans still agree with Thomas Jefferson.
"They know it would have been wrong for me to take pride in any success for Idaho, knowing the costs that Jefferson would have "pruned" were part of the price tag. While it was politically hard for me to vote no, I knew it was the right thing to do."

Bill Sali always puts his principles ahead of political expediency, just like his patriotic Idaho constituents want him to do. We know that it's not how many votes you win; it's how much we make Speaker Pelosi know that we're going to Stand Up to her socialist plans. The thing that sets Congressman Bill Sali apart from most of his fellow members is the painstaking research he does. Nowhere else can you find the evidence that Bill Sali presents that the average Department of Education employee is a GS-14 or higher. It's his way of coming up with facts like that, that makes all Patriotic Idahoans proud that Bill Sali is our Congressman.


Wordsmith said...

"Wordsmith" was clearly one of those socialists whose parents didn't let her watch Saturday cartoons, so that explains why she doesn't know about how Congress works.

Why, you little ....... how dare you deflame, I mean defame my parents. They did so let me watch Saturday cartoons. They also let me watch 'Lassie.' You just watch yerself, bubba.

Bill Sali Fan said...

Ha Ha! Everyone knows "Lassie" is an Urban Legend, and never actually appeared on TV! You must be thinking of "Davey and Goliath" -- now Goliath was a dog who really knew his stuff. Either that, or Scooby Doo.