Saturday, March 8, 2008

Congressman Bill Sali Will Drink The Democrat's Milkshake!

Despite the wishes of all the anti-Sali socialists out there, I'm back! Inspired the tenacity shown by Congressman Bill Sali in Standing Up to Pelosi, I decided that I couldn't let a little thing like a forgotten password slow me down in spreading The Truth about Bill Sali and the socialists who oppose him!

The people at the Idaho Socialist Statesman are once again trying to make it seem like it's somehow bad that Congressman Bill Sali is ranked as ineffective by some socialist organization. As all True Patriots know, it's good to be ineffective in Congress! All Congress wants to do is spend our money, and if you're not effective, it means your not getting more money spent. Idaho needs more representatives like Congressman Bill Sali!

Monitoring the various blogs of the Anti-Sali Socialists, I found a new blog by "David ", who says he wants to vote for anyone but Bill Sali! Clearly the product of the socialist Public Education system, he clearly has a lot to learn. Having not been lucky enough to have been taught by Patriots like Bryan Fischer in school, he thinks that Universal Health Care would be a good thing; he needs to learn that if God had wanted up to have Universal Health Care, he would have made it so we don't get sick. I'm gonna be keeping a close eye on him, and hopefully he'll learn that voting for Liberal Larry Grant or Wacky Walter Mitty will start Idaho down the road to a Pelosi/Satan-inspired society of forced socialism and bestiality. He should investigate the unimpeachable logic of Congresman Bill Sali and know that God wants him to vote for a True Patriot who is probably going to be elected President in 2012 -- Bill Sali.

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