Wednesday, March 12, 2008

RINO Running Against Congressman Bill Sali

I was sure surprised today when I found out that there's someone running against Congressman Bill Sali in the Republican primary. This Republican In Name Only is Matt Salisbury ("Steak" for short), and he has the unmitigated gall to think he could better represent our District than Bill Sali. Luckily for him, he hasn't actually filed yet -- maybe he'll forget.

Salisbury claims to be an American, yet he was born in Germany. He claims to be an active duty Army veteran, but he also says he was in the National Guard -- which one is it? He claims that he's raising more money in this District than Bill Sali, but this is just silly. Do want someone who's proud of getting little donations from a limited number of people? Bill Sali is smart enough to know that you can get more money by going to rich people in other parts of the country. I want my Congressman to be smart like that.

Some will say that Steak's service in Iraq is important, but honestly, how does that compare to Bill Sali's service in the frontlines of the war against Pelosi? Has Steak ever cast a courageous vote against part of Speaker Pelosi's socialist agenda? I think not.

Remember: Vote for Bill Sali on May 27th. Otherwise, you're a Socialist Stooge.


Bob Schwartz said...

Another brilliant analysis. It's too bad the libruls are to stupid to understand common things like logical and sense. That is why we need patroits like Bill Sali Fan to lead those ignornt libruls to understnad some stuff. Salsbury, i wood say his meat is cooked, ha ha ha. Just another librul pretend republican, who wants to make idaho like china, in the mold of maoist china and lennon. Those army people get 3 meals a day, whether or not they kill someone, so sometimes they become socialists, expecting something for nothing. No sense of personal responsibility. Keep up the good work BillSaliFan, and keep that password safe!

Anonymous said...

Yeah! Durka Durr! Durka Durka Durr! Durrr! Me likey Bill Sali! Socialists Bad!! You no likey Sali? You Socialist!!!!

Durrrrr. . . .

IDGem said...

From a socialist stooge who is tired of seeing my tax dollars wasted on an unnecessary war in Iraq.
I don't understand why Rep. Sali voted against minimum wage.
How is he planning on reducing the national deficit from what is it $10 trillion?
I don't see a plan.