Monday, April 16, 2007

Statesman Article on Congressman Bill Sali

Sorry for not posting much lately, but there hasn't been much news on Rep. Bill Sali's ongoing battle against Nancy Pelosi. Today, though, the Idaho Statesman broke their long silence to put out this article on how great Congressman Sali has been doing. Here's some of what they said:

"One hundred days into Sali's term in Congress, the combative evangelical conservative remains as determined as ever to "reform" the Beltway culture, though so far with little of his trademark bluster.
As if to prove the point, one of his first acts in Washington was to get himself elected GOP freshman class president. It's a largely ceremonial post, but his press secretary, Wayne Hoffman, said it "says a lot about his ability to get along and build relationships."

And this:

"• He called a Democratic budget plan a "vicious money grab" because he believes it will lead to tax increases. He suggested that some Democratic proposals on global warming might be "mere ideology, zealotry in the name of environmental extremism." And on the Democrats' opposition to Bush's troop surge in Iraq, he said, "No is not a plan."
• On key votes so far: Sali voted against a war spending bill that sets timelines for withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq; against a bill repealing tax breaks for oil companies; and against a bill allowing the government to negotiate directly with drug makers for lower prescription drug prices under Medicare.
• On immigration, an issue that has divided Republicans, Sali joined with 87 House members in backing a bill to make English the nation's "official language." He also signed a letter with 96 other lawmakers opposing a path to amnesty or any other kind of legal status for undocumented workers."

Way to go, Congressman Bill Sali! Of course, the liberal/socialist Statesman tried to make Rep. Sali look bad, but they couldn't. They even tried to make it hard to get to the list of all the votes Congressman Sali has made, but I got through -- here's where you can go to see all his principled conservative votes. I was especially impressed to see that he stood up against Pelosi to protect our freedom to do with our animals what we will, as God intended, by voting against the socialist "Animal Fighting Prevention Enforcement Act". Although he was joined by only 38 other God-fearing Congressmen, his strong stand against Pelosi was heard loud and clear here in Idaho!

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