Saturday, June 9, 2007

Anti-Sali Socialists just don't get it

The usual suspects were all up in arms earlier this week over the retirement of Congressman Bill Sali's loyal district director, former State Senator Gerry Sweet. Egged on by the "political" writer in the local fishwrap, the reality-impaired screamers were coming up with some ridiculous ideas about what made Sen. Sweet retire from his job after only six months. "Commie Red" State Rebel had the unbelievable idea that it was because of some gun show -- an idea that Pro-American Patriot Adam Graham easily shot down. Mountain Goat thought it was because Gerry was using his government computer to sell guns over the internet. That's an idea so dumb that only someone who thinks government should regulate businesses could come up with that one.

The real reason Sen. Sweet decided to move on seems clear to me. Sen. Sweet, like Rep. Sali, knows that the federal government is bad (except when it's keeping homosexuals from having sex). It's clear to me that God told him that he shouldn't continue accepting a tainted paycheck from the government that unjustly seizes our incomes. Since he's not independently wealthy like Congressman Sali, he still has to make money to support his young family -- unlike Rep. Sali, who I'm sure is returning his paycheck for being a Congressman in order to reduce our taxes. It's really simple when you think about it.

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Anonymous said...

Bill Sali should take his Mormon ass to Utah and get the fuck out of Idaho, and he should take the piece of shit Gerry Sweet with him!