Thursday, November 30, 2006

Bill Sali Gives An Interview

Normally I don't read the Idaho Statesman, because it's filled with so much liberal hogwash. Today, though, I went to their website to see if they had a weather forecast, and I saw an article that made me both happy and nervous. Apparently Congressman Sali gave them an interview, and they'll be printing it tomorrow.
While I'm a little worried that they'll try to twist his words to make him sound foolish, I know I should have faith that Bill is smart enough to out-smart them if they try. So, I'll actually buy a copy of the Statesman tomorrow to see what he has to say.
Here's what the article on their web site says:

Idaho’s newest congressman, Republican Rep.-elect Bill Sali, says he has a lot to learn about the way Congress works, but says he'll stick to his conservative principles.
In an interview with the Idaho Statesman, Sali says he'll consider himself a successful U.S. House member "if I can continue to get up and look in the mirror and like the guy I see in the mirror."
Sali ran on a slate of conservative values and by telling Idahoans that a vote for a his Democratic opponent was a vote to put Democrats — and San Francisco liberal Nancy Pelosi — in power. Democrats won both houses of Congress, and Pelosi will be House speaker.
Sali has few hopes that he can find much common ground with the Democrats, but says his “political sadism” could help him make a difference on Medicaid and other complex issues many lawmakers shy away from.

I think that "political sadism" will serve him well in standing up to Pelosi.

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