Sunday, November 26, 2006

Broncos Going To BCS

Now that the BSU Broncos have completed their regular season in which no one even came close to them, it's time for people to stop being happy that we're going to get invited to a BCS bowl. The truth is, unless Boise St. gets its spot in the national title game against the only other undefeated team (Ohio State, who barely won their last game), it's just more proof that the liberal voters on the coast aren't ready to give a conservative state like Idaho the respect they deserve.

They say that BSU is going to the Fiesta Bowl against the winner of the Nebraska-Oklahoma game. Boise State will easily beat any of those teams, so they don't even need to play the game. Everyone knows how the Broncos beat Oregon State. Well, Oregon completed demolished Oklahoma, and Oregon got their butts kicked by Oregon State. And Oregon St. also beat USC really bad, and USC beat Nebraska. That's the kind of proof that the bowl people don't look at.

If Boise State doesn't get into the title game against Ohio State, I think that Congress needs to investigate what's going on.

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