Saturday, July 5, 2008

Congressman Bill Sali Stands Up To Socialists, Hindus

Congressman Bill Sali, who recently added the title "Hero of the Taxpayers" to his previous title of "Hero of the Owyhees", is doing more and more to Stand Up against Pelosi and her plans to destroy America. It's not surprising that Anti-Sali Socialists are trying to get Idahoans to give up more of their hard-earned dollars to elect Wacky Walter Mitty. Like the Pelosi-led Socialists in Congress, Mitty is trying to get people to surrender money to support something that will never work, since everyone knows that Bill Sali will easily win re-election this November.

Bill Sali once again proved his leadership ability in Patriotic causes when he Stood Up To Pelosi in voting against the socialist "Energy Markets Emergency Act of 2008". By casting a principled "No" vote against socialistic control of markets and in favor of public-spirited traders who seek only to practice capitalism as Jesus meant them to, Sali squashed Pelosi's attempt to make it look like the bill had widespread bipartisan support. Had Liberal Larry Grant been elected in 2006, the vote would have been 403-18, instead of the much closer 402-19 we saw. Pelosi is thwarted again!

Bill Sali is also standing up to Hindus, Muslims, and other people who don't believe in Christ by taking the lead in Standing Up To Socialistic Organizations. What I like most about Bill Sali is how he puts his beliefs into action that will change our country, and doesn't just make "symbolic" efforts. To that end, Congressman Sali bravely Stood Up To Pelosi again by signing up on May 6th to co-sponsor H.R. 1146, which would end America's membership in the United Nations. Since this bill now has 4 co-sponsors, and since Rep. Ron Paul, the sponsor, has an unmatched record of getting his bills passed, we know it will become law soon. Bill Sali knows that while the Constitution says that Congress shall pass no law establishing a religion, the Founding Fathers understood that everyone who really mattered was a Christian of some sort, so they're the only ones who should really be speaking in the United States in an official capacity. Seeing Hindus, Muslims, and God knows who else being allowed to speak out against America while on American soil makes all true Patiots really upset, and Bill Sali speaks for them. With Bill Sali on our side, our participation in the United Nations (and all the bad things they have done) will be over soon.

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