Thursday, July 31, 2008

Bill Sali: Economic Genius!

Congressman Bill Sali is Standing Up to Pelosi again, and he's doing it in a way that even Socialists can support. While RINO Idaho Senator Mike Crappo is only getting people to send in their "stories" of how gas prices are hurting them (without pausing to think of all the poor stockholders in the Patriotic oil companies, who are operating under very small profit margins and making hardly any money at all.) Bill Sali isn't doing a bunch of purposeless whining; he's taking action! He's asking us to send our gas receipts into him, and he'll give them to Pelosi. And we all know why he's doing it. When a Socialist like Pelosi sees a bill, she automatically pays it. That's right, Speaker Pelosi will reimburse us for all the money we pay for gas because of Bill Sali's marvelous plan!

Bill Sali is also showing us how to solve the deficit problem. I know it'll work, because the smartest guy I went to junior high school with, Dale Jacobson, used to use it all the time. He'd say to me, "Bill, can I borrow $20?" I'd say sure, then he's say, "But only give me $10 of it." Later, when I'd ask him for my money back, he'd explain, "Bill, that wouldn't be fair. I owe you $10, right? But you only gave me half of the $20 you promised me, so you owe me $10 too. So, we're even, right?" It didn't make much sense to me then (even after it happened about 15 times), but now I'm finally beginning to understand, thanks to Bill Sali.

Bill Sali finally fought through the Socialist FEC software an submitted his quarterly fundraising report, showing that lots of smart people with lots of money like to give their money to Bill Sali. The campaign reported that it raised $155,000 for the quarter, but Anti-Sali Socialists working for Wacky Walter Mitty claim that he only raised $140,000, because about $15,000 was reimbursements from people that Bill Sali had paid money to earlier. It's clear that Bill Sali is right, because he's always right! This is just Bill Sali's way of showing how he'll eliminate the federal budget deficit. If he can turn $140,000 into $155,000 so easily, imagine what he can do with $1 billion! He'll give it to some business owned by Socialists, then make them give the money back. Like magic, $1 billion has turned into $2 billion in receipts! If he keeps doing that about 10,000 times, he'll have raised $10 trillion to pay off the deficit! I bet he could do that in a weekend, unless he and his crack staff are thwarted by more Socialistic software.

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