Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Congressman Bill Sali: Just Like Other Idahoans

Congressman Bill Sali is just like you and me, while his oppponent, Wacky Walter Minnick, is one of those "successful guys" that everyone hates. Want proof? Have you ever had problems with getting a computer to run right? I think most Idahoans don't really like computers, and Bill Sali and his staff are no exception. That's why when Anti-Sali Socialists try to make it seem like it's a bad thing that he hasn't submitted his fundraising data to the Socialist FEC, it just makes true Idaho Patriots admire Bill Sali even more. "Oohh, so Walter Mitty has a competent staff... ewwww", we Patriots say. Bill Sali hires Idahoans just like the ones you work with. Is everyone where you work really good at their job? I bet most people will say that most of their co-workers are pretty much dead weight, and Congressman Bill Sali knows that bringing these people onto his staff makes them someone we can relate to. Bill Sali represents the common man in Idaho.

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Anonymous said...

You are absolutely right on the money.

Wacky Walter and his staffers -- with their 4-figure laptops and 3-figure electronic organizers, no doubt -- are totally out of touch with regular Idaho folks like you, me, and Bill.


Here's an idea that will make these richy-riches shake in their boots: consider donating your Compaq with Windows ME to the campaign. That campaign tractor would cultivate those liberals real good.

...unless, of course, your computer has already appreciated beyond the contribution limit.